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    Getting an error that while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled(null) in Windows 7

    These days, I am not able to share my cable or wireless connection in windows 7. It shows a strange error "An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled(null)". I tried to get full information about this error through event logs and what I found there was the ICS_IPV6 was not able to allocate memory. Now I don't know how to fix this.Can you fix this issue for me? I will be really thankful to you.

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    Re: Getting an error that while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled(null) in Windows 7

    This kind of problem occurs in very rare case. It can be caused due to inactivity of some services which are necessary for running Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) so make sure that all services of ICS are enabled.Following services should work properly in order to use ICS.
    1. Application Layer Gateway Service
    2. Network Connections
    3. Network Location Awareness (NLA)
    4. Plug And Play
    5. Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    6. Remote Access Connection Manager
    7. Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    8. Telephony
    To check or enable these services, follow the below given steps:
    • Open "Run" command by simply pressing "Windows key +R" and tyep "services.msc" and hit "Enter" key.
    • To enable any specific service, double click on the entry of service on right Pane window.Make sure that its "Startup Type" is set to Automatic.
    Now next step is to Enable the ICS on your host computer.To do so,simply follow the below given steps:
    • First of all Navigate to "Control Panel". Now type "adapter" in the search box which appear on upper right corner in the same window i.e control Panel.
    • Now Under "Network and Sharing Center", click on "View Network Connections"
    • Now choose the connection you want to share and right click on its "Properties". It can ask you for "Administrative Password".Simply enter your password.
    • Finally click on "Sharing" tab and choose "Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection" . You have done everything . Enjoy
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    Re: Getting an error that while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled(null) in Windows 7

    Hello dear friend .

    When you are getting an Error about the Internet connection sharing was being enabled ( null ) in Windows 7

    then check once the Network connections , Plug and Play

    go to the start menu and click on Run and edit in the box provided as

    Services.msc and hit enter . after that you will be found the list of services.

    double click on the entry of the service , Set up the Start up time to automatic.

    Go to the control panel followed by the Network And Sharing Center .

    choose the connection to be shared and click on properties , enter the password .

    click on sharing tab and choose allow other networks users to connect .

    Thank you..

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