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    Getting messag 'PhysXLoader.dll is missing' when shutting down Windows 7

    Hi, everytime I am getting same message from windows 7 that PhysXLoader.dll is missing when shutting down windows. Sometime same message will appear at startup of windows. why i am getting this. Any resolutions or tips on this matter??

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Getting messag 'PhysXLoader.dll is missing' when shutting down Windows 7


    All the .dll or Dynamic Link Library files are powerhouse of windows. Every step, every action, windows take a .dll is involved in the process.The files are also called Magic Files for their magical utility.

    So when Windows fail to find one it is unable to perform a number of operations and thus the message displayed.

    Do try to insert Windows CD in optical drive and run in "Repair" mode, windows will repair itself.

    Or if you fail to repair, go for a complete reinstallation, back up first all important files.


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    Re: Getting messag 'PhysXLoader.dll is missing' when shutting down Windows 7

    Hello dude,

    This is happened by,

    1) Not Properly Installed Software.
    2) Registry Problem.
    3) virus.
    4) Hardware failure.


    => sfc /scannow: This Helps to restore the .dll file, If it is a Microsoft File.

    Start -> cmd -> Right Click -> Run as administrator -> Type sfc /scannow -> Enter.

    => Restore from Recycle bin: Because you may delete it manually. If so you can restore from Recycle bin.

    => Update with your Registry Cleaners. Clean Registry error by this Registry Cleaners.

    => Activate your Antivirus and Scan Full System.

    => Make a Trouble Shoot for Hardware Problem.

    => Restore Your Windows by Previous Good working Restore Point.

    => Make sure you Installed Windows Properly. If not Re-Install your Windows.

    Any one of the above step is to be help you.,

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    Re: Getting messag 'PhysXLoader.dll is missing' when shutting down Windows 7

    Dear Friend,

    Your problem is easy to be solved.

    It happens sometimes when PhysXLoader.dll is missing from computer, you might have deleted it accidentally or by other cause.

    Just follow the simple steps below, to solve your problem -

    1) First, download this file --->

    2) Then, startup your computer is Safe Mode.

    3) Then, run that downloaded .dll file.

    4) When installation is finished, follow the instruction.

    NOTE : If you have any antivirus, then ignore the messages from it, and allow the setup to repair it, as it will download file from internet.



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