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    Getting message 'DirectX is damaged' when trying to play Games on Windows 7

    Hi, I am totally unable to play games on my windows 7 because some time screen shows message that DirectX is damaged or, sometimes it shows DirectDraw Acceleration is disabled. What to do? How to get rid from this issue? Need help!!

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    Re: Getting message 'DirectX is damaged' when trying to play Games on Windows 7

    You should run DirectX Diagnostic Tool on your system, to enable DirectDraw Acceleration, Follow the procedure:

    -> Click on Start search box
    -> Type 'dxdiag' (without inverted coma)and hit Enter
    -> Type password if system requiring for administrator password

    You will see DirectDraw and Direct3D Acceleration are selected under Display tab. In the case if they are Disabled then click on Enable.

    To avoid the error of DirectX is damaged, you should install it again from Microsoft official link, click here to download DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer:
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    Re: Getting message 'DirectX is damaged' when trying to play Games on Windows 7

    hi friend, ........ To fix the DirectX damaged error follow the given instructions

    first click the start menu and open the run or press windows key+r

    and type in the run box as regedit and press ENTER key

    then go to this address HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DirectX

    And delete the DirecteX entrythen restart your pc

    when the system restarts the default directx 8.1 is restored in your PC

    and for the conformation open RUN and type dxdiag and press ENTER key and choose display tab and see the details of DetectX


    press windows key+r and type msconfig in the run box and press ENTER key

    then choose the General tab and select the startup option and unselect remaining options

    and then go to service tab and select hide all microsoft services option and then click the Disable all button

    after that click OK , and then restart your PC

    and then re-install the DirecX


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    Re: Getting message 'DirectX is damaged' when trying to play Games on Windows 7


    The displayed message clearly indicates that you had an important assistant file named DirectX that was installed in your Windows , which assists by incresing fulidity to the graphic heavy programs , in most of the cases games which are graphic heavy nowadays. In fact todays games wont run without DirectX being present in the system, and some takes responsibility to help you download a new copy from the internet.

    Anyway, have a check on the health of installed DirectX, Type dxdiag in the search box and click on the dxdiag utility, it will test and report to you.

    But you possibly need to download the latest copy of DirectX from the internet, log on to Microsoft web site and download it and install and it will be okay.


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    Re: Getting message 'DirectX is damaged' when trying to play Games on Windows 7

    Hello Friend,

    DirectX Is Damage Than Perform Following Steps :

    >> Firstly Go To Start Menu
    >> Than Type "dxdiag" In The Search Box Of The Start Menu'
    >> Than Pop Up Window Is Open So Click On The "Yes" Button
    >> Than One Window Is Open See All Setting OK Or NOT
    >> If You Not Understnad About The Setting Than Download The Latest Version Of Direct X And Install In Your PC.........
    >> Than Restart Your PC And Now Use The Direct X Interface........

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