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    Getting message 'Windows must restore original versions' on Windows XP

    Hi, I am using AVG antivirus in windows XP having issue after found malware in my system. I choose the option move to vault and after that Windows must restore original versions to operate properly. What to do? How to fix the issue?

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    Re: Getting message 'Windows must restore original versions' on Windows XP

    Dear friend,

    Some files of the Windows system are altered by the malwares in your computer. An antivirus only removes the
    viruses or malware attached with the files but doesn't repair the changes made by the viruses and malwares.

    To solve your problem you have to do a Startup repair in the following way:
    1. Put your Windows installation disk into the DVD-ROM drive. And boot with that CD.
    2. A blue screen will appear and the XP setup begin loading from the CD.
    3. “Welcome to setup’ screen will appear.
    4. In this screen, select the second option of repairing the Windows installation using recovery console by pressing R.
    5. Press F8 to continue.
    6. Select the partition with the Windows you want to repair.

    Let it continue and wait.

    Your PC will be automatically restarted after the repair.


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