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    Getting "No driver found" error when connection HTC inspire to computer via usb

    I am a windows user and currently using windows 7.I am facing a weird issue there.When i plug HTC Inspire to computer via USB port,it shows that a hardware device is plugged in. However after sometime,it flashes another error "No driver found".That's probably the reason why i am not able to use it with my computer.Is there any fix for this?

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    Re: Getting "No driver found" error when connection HTC inspire to computer via usb

    Thanks for posting your query in this forum. You haven't provided the complete information about the exact error message which makes it quite difficult for you to help. However you can know the status of your mobile device by visiting the device manager.To open the device manager, Click on "start" button and move to control Panel. Now click on "System and Maintenance" and then on "System" and then on "Device Manager". If you are not able to find any Device Manager then double click on "System". You will find "Device Manager". It can ask for an Administrative password for the confirmation. If it asked you for the same then enter it.In "Device Manager",try to find your device. Once found,right click on it and choose properties where you can check the status of that device. After that run the Hardware Troubleshooter to make sure that there is no problem with your hardware. To do the same,click on Start button and then move to Control Panel. In the search box of Control Panel,type "troubleshooter" and then click on "Troubleshooting".After that click on "Configure a device" under "hardware and sound". It can ask for administrator password so provide it.Wait for the result.
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    Re: Getting "No driver found" error when connection HTC inspire to computer via usb

    To recover from the problem you should try to install a device driver compatible to Windows7.

    Go to START, in the search box , type- device manager, there will be the listing of Device Manager on screen.

    Click it, find Universal Serial Bus Controller, click it, find Driver, click it, click Uninstall, then click Update Driver and install the latest Windows7 compatible driver for USB.

    Ther should not be any more message dosplay after that.

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