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    Getting 'No network access' error message from LAN adapter on Windows XP

    Hi, if trying to connect my windows XP laptop to net then getting message device is working properly, and also receiving green light but when checking LAN adapter from control panel then getting message no network access. Why is it so, any help because i am not able to access net!

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    Re: Getting 'No network access' error message from LAN adapter on Windows XP

    You should check that your wireless adapter is working fine or not also check the latest drivers to it. You can check Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and try to get IP address automatically.

    Follow the steps for updating drivers latest to Network Adapters:

    Step 1: Do right click on My computer and then click on Properties
    Step 2: Go to the Hardware tab, and click on Device Manager
    Step 3: Now, expand the list of Network Adapters
    Step 4: Right click on adapter and then select properties
    Step 5: Go to Driver tab and choose Update driver

    Do Check for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol renew,

    Step 1: Open the Run windows and type cmd
    Step 2: Type 'ipconfig /renew' and close command prompt

    Now, check the issue that should be resolved now..
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