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    Getting numerous errors related to Direct X in windows 7

    I am facing so many problems related to Direct X right from the day when i installed windows 7 64 bit version. Most of them are "Please make sure you have DirectX 9.0 or higher installed. Also verify that your video card meets the minimum requirements, and that you do not have hardware acceleration disabled in the Display control panel.". Do you know,what should to do in these circumstances?

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    Re: Getting numerous errors related to Direct X in windows 7

    Open DirectX diagnostic tool to get more information about the error. To do the same,click on Start button,type "dxdiag" in the search box and hit Enter button on your keyboard. Some programs runs a bit slow due to lack of DirectDraw or Direct3D hardware acceleration. Click on Display tab and move under "DirectX Features". Check whether DirectDraw, Direct3D, or AGP Texture acceleration is marked "Not available" or not? If yes then you should upgrade your hardware.You might also need to turn on Graphics acceleration.To turn Graphics acceleration "On",open Display Settings(Start button>>Control Panel>>Appearance and personalization>>Personalization>>Display Settings). Click on "Display Settings">>Advanced Settings. Click on Troubleshoot tab and choose "Change Settings".Then move to Hardware Acceleration and position the slider to "Full". Once done,check how it works.
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    Re: Getting numerous errors related to Direct X in windows 7

    The continuous error display can be handled in the following ways.

    Log into www.microsoft.com, search for DitectX program, select the latest version available there, download.
    Install the DirectX into your computer. If damaged or corrupt DirectX was the issue, it will be solved.

    In case there are hardware related issues pending, you need to check that too.
    Check the display card, memory etc for any pending problem there and take corrective measure.

    For hardware related issues consult a hardware engineer.

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    Re: Getting numerous errors related to Direct X in windows 7


    Please Follow these steps to solve this problem:

    >> Connect inter to your computer

    >> Open browser and type: www.microsoft.com and find DirectX program and Download the latest version.

    >> When Download completes find .exe file and Double click on it to install it.

    >> If it is installed correctly then your problem will be solved.

    Otherwise you need to check your hardware and other Disk Related errors.

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    Re: Getting numerous errors related to Direct X in windows 7

    Its not a thing to b panic..Its just that you have either not installed DirectX or Its outdated.
    Actually DirectX is a program that enables graphic oriented programs to run smoothly.
    If you are having a graphic card, then google the compatible version for your Graphic card. Or simply download DirectX 11 or higher which are compatible to almost all cards.
    You can download it from any third party website like www.cnet.com
    It will solve the problem.

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