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    Getting white rectangle box on the middle of Windows 7 screen

    Every time I start up my laptop running on Windows 7, I can view a white rectangle on the middle part of the screen. I have set up beautiful wallpaper on my system and it is quite annoying to have such a box on it. Is there any way available to remove that box?

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    Re: Getting white rectangle box on the middle of Windows 7 screen

    Select an empty area available on the desktop and right click on it. This will bring up a small menu with lots of options. Go to the bottom part of that menu and click the ‘Personalize’ option. A window will pop up on the screen after that. You can find lots of themes on the top part of that window. Make a single click on any of those themes so that it will be set as your desktop background. Close or minimize the window and see whether the rectangular box still appears on the screen. If not, change back to the old wall paper by following the same steps.

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    Re: Getting white rectangle box on the middle of Windows 7 screen

    It seems to have been caused by Double Twist on my Win7 desktop also. Uninstalled and it will disappear.

    If its not double twist I suggest opening up the Task Manager and start to end processes of non-system running applications till the rectangle goes away.. This should help you identify which program is causing the rectangle to appear.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Getting white rectangle box on the middle of Windows 7 screen

    HI, friend.. to over come this issue ....follow the given instructions ....may be this is the problem about the wallpaper source missing I mean if we select the wall paper from one folder or from any target ... unfortunately or unexpectedly if we transfer or move that folder or wall paper from one to another drive causes this above problem will appears So,

    first of all click the start menu and open the control panel

    after that click on appearance and personalization option

    then click on personalization option

    then click the bottom option that is desktop background....and change the wallpaper

    if you face the same problem......then also change the theme

    because some times the them corrupted or damaged causes also the above problem arises

    and if you are unable to solve this issue ......simply restore the system settings after that your problem will be solved

    ALL THE BEST...!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Getting white rectangle box on the middle of Windows 7 screen

    Hello !!

    you didn't mentioned that whether the box is contained with error or it is simply white box with useless appearance.
    since it is very difficult to give suggestion on this issue, because we dont know what this box contained in it.
    so, based on the experience there are certain suggestion and solution, please do folllow it :-

    1.do check your graphic property.
    2. also check your graphic driver, is it working properly.
    3. do ensure that your display is working or not by following these steps :-
    >> open run command (win+r)
    >> type dxdiag hit enter
    >> you will get DISPLAY tab
    >> just look in it and confirm that is everything is ok or not ???
    if there seems some problem than do one thing just update your graphic driver and install latest dirext X ie DIRECT X 11.

    hope this may work for you.
    thinks that i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting.

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