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    Getting Windows Update error 8024402f on Windows 7

    When I try to update my notebook running on Windows 7, I can view the error message “Windows Update error 8024402f”. I am not able to fix up this error even after rebooting the system. What else should I do to remove this error message?

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    Re: Getting Windows Update error 8024402f on Windows 7

    Launch Windows Update Troubleshooter on your notebook. This will resolve this error immediately. As a first step, click on the ‘Start’ button available on the desktop. Choose ‘Control Panel’ from the start menu pop up on the screen. The next step required is to type troubleshooter into the search box. Then, you need to click the ‘Troubleshooting’ option. Go to ‘System and Security’ section afterwards and click on “Fix problems with Windows Update”.

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    Re: Getting Windows Update error 8024402f on Windows 7

    Hi, error "8024402f" denotes that there is a problem in your internet connection between computer and windows server.

    So, firstly i recommend you to reset your modem settings and then connect your PC with internet and try updating.

    Now if then also you are unable to sort the problem then Download "Microsoft Fix it" and run on your pc.
    If there will be problem of any kind it will sort it out.

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