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    Gmail not working in Windows Mail

    I have recently installed Windows Vista in my Home PC. When I configured Gmail account to Windows mail, I am not getting any emails. Instead an error message showing, pop.gmail.com'. What should be done to configure it correctly?

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    Re: Gmail not working in Windows Mail

    Hello friend ....

    To access a gmail account with any email client via pop then you have to enable pop access to your gmail account...

    So there are some steps to follow for enabling the pop:

    ->Choose settings from the top gmail navigation bar

    ->Select the forwarding and pop/imap tab

    ->Maku sure that enable pop for all mail or enable pop only for that arrives from now on is selected

    (Choose enable pop for all mail if you want to download mail previously recieved at your gmail account.
    otherwise, select enable pop only for mail that arrives from now on)

    ->Select the action that you want applied to mail after you have downloaded it to your email client under when messages are accessed with pop.

    ->Click save changes.

    Hope this may help you.....

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    Re: Gmail not working in Windows Mail

    Hello My dear Dude ...

    Kindly follow the below process

    First of all Set up your account and then open Windows mail

    Then Type your name .. then click Next

    There you need to type your email address

    Choose the POP 3 for your server type Type " pop.gmail.com "

    Then click Next

    Type your internet account name

    Then select the Gmail account you created

    After that click OK


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