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    Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    I am using latest version of Google chrome, it work very good, but last few days it give me some problem. when I click on any link on the website in Google chrome , then Google chrome application automatically shut down. I was re-installed the Google chrome software, but problem occur again. Please resolve that problem

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    shivam2k6 Array
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    Re: Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    Dear Friend,

    Follow these steps:

    1. If you have IDM installed then open it
    2. Go to options > general
    3. Disable advanced browser integration
    4. Create a new browser user profile
    5. Type chrome://conflicts/ in the chrome address bar to check the conflicts

    Thank you.

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    development Array
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    Re: Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    Hello my dear Friend

    Try to clear out the Cache and Browsing History

    It will Expand the Space and Most of the problem is Resolved here

    For this you can go to click on the "Google Chrome " button there you will find the Clear History

    • And That too Reset the Google chrome to " Default Settings "

    • To do this you can got o click on the " START " menu

    • There you will find the "Control panel " option

    • After click on it type " Default " on the Search option

    • There you can see the " Number of Applications and Programs "

    • Select the Google chrome from the list and Make change to Default one

    Finally click on "OK " to make save changes

    That is all

    I hope this information will be useful to you

    Good luck

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..........................

    1.This can be the problem of the Internet drivers.

    2.They may be damaged so the Google chrome is shutting down.

    3.So you try to open any other browser and use it.

    4.If it works fine then this is the problem of your Google Chrome software.

    5.So you go to the Uninstall a program and completely uninstall it.

    6.Later you go to the website 'http://www.filehippo.com'.

    7.From there you download the Google Chrome software and then install it.

    Have a nice day.....................................

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    Re: Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    Hi Friend,

    >> The Problem is Google Chrome Browser Automatically Closed in Windows 7.

    >> There might be Problem in Google chrome.

    >> Chrome Exe file is corrupted or damaged by virus or malware.

    >> So check Chrome in other system.

    >> Or you can remove Google Chrome from your system and Install Fresh Chrome Browser.

    >> Also install any good Antivirus and scan whole PC and remove virus.

    >> That's it.

    All the Best

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    sbhat Array
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    Re: Google chrome browser automatically closed in Windows 7

    Your google chrome browser automatically closed in windows 7.

    According to your statement your browser gave excellent services initially presently chrome is not giving service well.This problem you are facing for last few days'.To solve the issue you can do.

    1.you can reduce your loading most probably your system is overloaded.

    2.You are to delete all old/ useless files and folders' from your app.

    3.Scan your PC then delete / uninstall virus, corrupted files/folders/apps from your device.

    4.Restart your windows 7.

    5.then uninstall your Google chrome, then go to download google chrome latest version.

    6.Before downloading use fast internet connection to avoid interruption in downloading.

    7.after the completion of downloading install browser chrome then restart your device.

    I think now your problem is solved.

    Thank You,

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