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    Having trouble booting from CD after installing Windows 8.

    I made the mistake of installing windows 8 without creating a separate partition. I have tried to boot the pc with the cd drive as the first option, but windows 8 starts before it gives me an option to boot the windows XP install disk. I tried to delete windows through command prompt, but it tell me access denied. Not sure what Iím doing wrong here, please help. Thanks

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    Re: Having trouble booting from CD after installing Windows 8.

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    dear friend,

    There is a reason behind this problem-

    You didn't make separate drive to install windows 8.

    So when you are trying to uninstall the windows 8, it not getting uninstalled.

    At first uninstall all the OS from the BIOS setup.

    Then delete all the partitions you made.

    Go to the disk management option from the bios setup & select delete volume option.

    After the deletion of partitions, boot from windows 8 DVD.

    Re create the partitions & install windows XP in a different partition.

    If you want to install windows 8 then make a new partition & install it in a different drive.

    If you have trouble to boot from CD then use bootable USB drive to install OS.

    Hope this info will help you.

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    Re: Having trouble booting from CD after installing Windows 8.

    You can try booting from a pendrive.
    The process to make a bootable pendrive is very simple.
    You have to download a software called as windows 7 usb dvd download tool and install it.
    It will ask the location of iso file of windows and will make a bootable pendrive.
    Then set your boot preference to boot pendrive first and try installing new os.

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    Re: Having trouble booting from CD after installing Windows 8.


    The basic error is leading to boot from drive c:/, comprising Windows 8. Should have created a partition before installation.

    Easiest way to me for your convenience in deleting the Win8 is to uninstall it using the root software you may have downloaded, as deleting is not possible from the command prompt as a number of hidden secured files are located in a number of locations which delete command is unable to search, find and remove.

    Another possibility is to format the hdd but that will permanently destroy all data, files etc.

    Thank you.

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