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    Home button does not work in Windows 8

    I use Windows 8 Mobile. When I tap on the home button, it does not show any change. It stays on the same screen whenever it was. It does not bring me to the gallery. It is facing the problem internally. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Home button does not work in Windows 8

    Dear friend,

    The home button is not designed to take you to the gallery but take you to the start menu.

    However you told that nothing happens when you press it however it should take you to the start screen from any windows you are in.

    This might be due to configuration problem.


    1. Take a backup of the files on the mobile and the goto the settings.

    2. Perfomr a factory reset of the phone.

    3. This should correct the issue but if not.

    4. then connect your phone to the pc.

    5. Install the required drivers and then connect it to the zune software (download and install if not already have)

    6. Update your phone.

    7. Now your problem should be solved.

    For the further help post to jy visitor massage.



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