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    How to avoid the Error message 'Direct 3D engine not created' from Windows XP?

    Hi, I want to use Driving simulator 2012 on windows XP but id i am using it on XP OS then getting message that Direct 3D engine not created. What does it mean and why i am getting this? Any suggestions tips? Need help!!

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    Re: How to avoid the Error message 'Direct 3D engine not created' from Windows XP?

    This error message indicates 2 things: either the Direct 3D component is disable in your system or may be it is not up-to-date.

    > To verify or make it enable, click -> Start/Run -> Type "dxdiag" in the text box appears -> enter

    > Click on the 'Display' tab. Now see if the option "Direct 3D Acceleration" is enabled. If not make it enable by checking the box next to it.

    > Update your "DirectX APIs" using Windows Update option. For this go to -> Control Panel -> Windows Update. For genuine Windows OS, Microsoft automatically installs the updates. Always restart your system after installing the updates.

    > Make sure you are using the latest versions of Video drivers for the game in your system.

    > Uninstall and then reinstall your game application using Control Panel.

    Hope this helps...

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