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    How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with the following specifications:Intel Core i7 2.20 GHz CPU,8GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000. Is an integrated graphics card enough to run multiplayer games like call of duty with high-quality graphics? Can it cause overheating or any damage to the system? If the integrated graphics card is incapable of running the game,is there any way to improve the graphics of a laptop or replace it with a dedicated graphics card? Also,can you suggest ways to prevent the laptop from overheating?

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    Re: How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    The HD 4000 GPU is good enough for HD video playback, but don’t expect to do much more with it. It will be able to run games at low resolutions and settings, including multiplayer games but don’t expect great performance. Unfortunately there’s no way to upgrade the GPU of a laptop. To ensure your laptop doesn't overheat during gameplay,make sure you rest it on a level surface and none of the ventilation holes are blocked as the hot air needs to escape to ensure proper cooling.
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    Re: How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    You can use fans for decreasing the heat of your laptop
    remove the power supply if the battery is fully charged
    Put a small book or item under your computer
    Purchase laptop cooling mat
    Never block the air that vents on the back or sides of the computer
    you can use some products which are used to prevent from overheating like laptop laidback ,Blekin cushtop
    Physically check out the laptops air vents
    Clean your laptop fan
    change the power settings of your laptop
    These are things you have to do to prevent your laptop from overheating.

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    Re: How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    Hello my dear friend ...

    Follow the below steps carefully

    You need to clean the Laptop Vents

    Never Place your laptop on Soft Surfaces such as on your Bed

    So always place your laptop on the HARD SURFACE as it was designed to be

    if you simply need to place your laptop on your bed ... use a large book to support your laptop instead

    Adjust the Power settings of your Laptop

    Use the Cooling Pads

    Be in room which is fully equipped with Air Conditioners ...etc.,


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    Re: How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    Hi dear friend........

    Your PC configuration is much Enough for the game ...... of call duty ...

    And coming to overheating.....issue..... we can reduce it by the following simple instructions

    First of all remove the Unwanted software and tool bars from the PC

    always delete the Browsing history and perform the disk cleanup and Disk Defragement operations

    and also do this ..... press windows key+r and type powercfg.cpl and press ENTER key

    then click on active CHANGE PLAN SETTINGS and after that click Advance power settings option

    now expand Max processor State.....and set it as 95 and click OK

    The above mentioned tip should easily prevent your laptop from heating up however make sure that the processor state is not reduced very low in order to prevent reducing your processorís performance to an undesirably low level

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to avoid Overheating in Dell Inspiron Laptop?

    The HD 4000 GPU is actually up to scratch with regard to HD online video media playback, nonetheless don't expect to accomplish a lot more along with it. This can run video games from reduced promises and configuration settings, which includes multi player video games nonetheless don't expect excellent performance. Sadly you will find no chance in order to improvement this GPU of your laptop. To help maintain your laptop computer would not cause problems through gameplay,be sure you rest the item in an amount exterior and no setting up holes usually are hindered while the recent atmosphere wants to retreat to make certain right cooling.

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