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    How to back up files on Windows 7?

    When I tried to boot my system today, it gave a message ‘hard drive failure imminent, please back up’. How can I back up my files on Windows 7?

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    You can create a whole backup of your system by creating a system image of your computer. There are plenty of tutorials available on net for system image creation in Windows 7.You could buy another drive or a disk director suit at the Seagate or Western Drive to store the imaged data. The restoration can be made by booting live using Windows 7 DVD or by clicking the ‘restore image option’ from control panel’s Backup and Restore section.In the new drive having space for storage of a system image, you could use the Backup and Restore option to take a complete snapshot of the presently running OS for keeping them safe.

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    ..::: please follow these steps :::....

    --->Go to Start
    ---->Go to Control Panel
    ----->Select Backup and Restore
    -----> A pop up window will open
    ------->Choose the path for the backup to be stored.
    -------->Click on “Next” option
    --------->Click on Let me choose
    ---------->Enter Time & date for Next backup repeatedly which will update the backup automatically with lateset files.
    ----------->Click on “Next”
    -----------> The Backup will start


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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    "hard drive failure imminent" :- This Error comes When Hard disk detects that it will fail or stop working soon.


    Buy a CD/DVD to backup your files . If you have bulk of files to be backup then you may buy a External or USB Hard disk.

    1. First place a CD/DVD in CD/DVD drive.
    2. After putting Cd/DVD Autoplay window will appear.
    3. Click Burn to disk


    4. Choose a title and choose Like a usb drive


    5. Then windows will format disk


    6. Select all files you want to backup
    7. Copy all files to CD/DVD drive
    8. After you copied all files windows will automatically burn these files to disk
    9. Now you have successfully created backup of files.

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    Hi dear friend...........to setup the BACK UP .......proceed as follows

    first of all click the start button and go to control panel

    now click on System and security option

    after that click on Backup and restore option

    now click SETUP BACKUP option and wait for a while

    in the next step choose the DRIVES ... and click NEXT

    after that choose Let windows choose ( recommended ) and click NEXT\

    and finally click SAVE SETTINGS RUN BACKUP button......then the process of backup will begins

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    Hi friend,


    >>>To create system backup then go to start menu then type in search box

    >>>Backup and restore now open it

    >>>Then on the left side click on create system image

    >>>Now take the backup on any device on which you feel comfortable

    >>>You can use any other hard disk either internal or external hard disk

    >>>If you have small data then you can take the backup into DVD

    Hope so this helps you

    Thank you

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?


    you have problem with back up.

    >> just follow this steps and you will take back up in windows 7.

    >> open start and write back up ..

    >> it will show you backup and restore opttion.

    >> just click on it.

    >> it will show you and box ..

    >> in that box select set up back up link at right side.

    >> and it will show you which drive you want to back up.

    >> just select and give destination path and you have done.

    >> now it will take some time to complete.

    >> this is done.

    >> all the best.

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    click on Start button
    then clicking Control Panel
    then click on System and Maintenance
    and then clicking Backup and Restore.

    tip: dont put backup n the same drive better to choose another drive or
    take back up on DVD/CD

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    Press windows key
    type backup and restore

    open backup and restore

    Now click on "Set upbackup"

    you will have to wait a moment


    select where to save your backup
    i personally recommend to use an external Drive to save your back

    Once drive is selected
    click Next

    Now you can choose what to backup

    choose the option "let me choose"
    click next
    Now select the files in your hard disk which you need to take back up into external drive
    click next and review the settings
    Now Click OK to confirm

    happy to assist you

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    After booting into Windows 7, click Start,

    Move to Control Panel, clicking on which you will get many options,

    Select Backup and Restore option.

    Now from the next option detail the destination of Backup, which can be USB drive or DVD disk.

    The windows will store the data into the destination.

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    Re: How to back up files on Windows 7?

    dear friend,
    creating back up in windows 7 is a simple task to do that follow the instructions given below
    1)go to control panel in your system '
    2)now click on the option named backup and restore
    3)then a new windows pops up and asks for the path to store windows restore/backup
    4)now choose the location and click next
    5)now the windows back up starts and saves the back up files in the location where u preferred

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