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    How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    I have been using Windows 7 OS in my Desktop PC. I want to backup Windows system as an image and restore it whenever needed. I want to keep this image in the Secondary drive of my system. Can anyone tell me the exact procedure to do this process?

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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive


    Two Type of Backups in Windows 7

    1) Choose the system state settings and personal files to backup. Read more about normal backup and how to take normal backup in Windows 7.
    2) Create an entire disk image (System Image) back up.
    The main difference between above Windows 7 backup types are;
    In first backup type, when Windows 7 PC crashed and cannot be booted or accessed disks, you have to format the disk, install OS, drivers and all other programs. Its a time consuming job. After you did these all then use the backup to restore Window 7. Because the backup data is accessible by Backup and Restore in Control panel.
    In second System image backup type, when Windows 7 PC crashed and cannot be booted or accessed disks, you just simply insert Windows 7 CD and restore System image backup directly without format drive; install OS, drivers and all programs. You get all settings, programs, files and everything which was in Windows 7 earlier. Thats why its called Image backup, simply restoring hard disk.
    How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows 7

    1) Go to Backup and Restore in Windows 7 control panel.
    2) Click Create a System Image

    3) In next screen select the destination you want to store backup.
    Its always advisable to store backup in different hard disk (Not partition). Because if your current hard disk crashes or not accessible, then no point in back up.
    Use external hard disks if you have. But it must be formatted by NTFS file system.
    If you select DVD as backup destination then you may need more DVDs. Because System Image backup will capture your entire hard disk (not free space) space. For example if you have 80GB data on 120GB partition, then your system image backup will take approximately 80GB space.
    Network location also one more option available here.
    Obviously, destination must have enough of space.
    I selected my second hard disk partition ( G drive) as backup destination.
    4) Next screen to select the partitions to include in system image backup. Some of the partitions cannot be deselected because of system requirement.
    Windows 7 System image backup must have the system and boot partitions.
    System Partition is the Active partition having MBR (Master Boot Record).
    Boot partition is the one having Windows folder of Operating System Windows 7.
    If you have only one operating system installed on computer, then System and boot partition will be same. If you have more than one OS, it may change. In this example I have Windows 7 with Windows XP. So system and boot partitions are different and I cant deselect any of them in System image backup.

    You can select other partitions if you want. Press Next.
    5) After confirm backup settings, press Start backup.
    6) Depends on the size of partition system image backup will take time. After the completion you can find backup data at destination.
    7) Normally Windows 7 system image backup stored in destination WindowsImageBackup and Computer name.


    Thats it Windows 7 System image backup is ready. This backup contains all data on my drive C and E as on taken date. I can restore this backup just by Windows 7 installation CD with few clicks if my Windows 7 PC crashes.
    9) If you run similar System Image backup on same drive again, Windows 7 will delete the old backup if it requires space.
    10) More information about keeping different versions of system images from Windows 7 help.
    If youre saving your system images on an internal or external drive, or on CDs or DVDs, you can keep several versions of system images. On internal and external hard drives, older system images will be deleted when the drive runs out of space. To help conserve disk space, you can manually delete older system images
    If youre saving your system images in a network location, you can only keep the most current system image for each computer. System images are saved in the format of drive\WindowsImageBackup\computer name\. If you have an existing system image for a computer and are creating a new one for the same computer, the new system image will overwrite the existing one. If you want to keep the existing system image, you can copy it to a different location before creating the new system image by following these steps:
    1. Navigate to the location of the system image.
    2. Copy the WindowsImageBackup folder to a new location.

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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    To take the Backup window system to a Secondary Hard Drive is a to too easy..

    I have a two Method to take the backup

    First Method you copy the all the image and file which you take a back up and paste the all the data in the Secondary Hard Drive.

    Second Method select all the image or file and right click and select to send button and chooses the secondary hard drive.

    it time send the all the file and image to the secondary hard drive..

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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive


    Taking backup of your system is a good way to be ready for the issues which happens in your computer ...
    Any time anything can happen with your computer ... It can crash suddenly , having virus in it and hence no one knows what could happen suddenly ....

    So , to be ready for these type of issues you can have system backup of your pc data ...

    To do this follow the steps given below :

    - Firstly open control panel
    - Now you have to click system and maintenance and after that click backup and restore..
    - Then there will be an option as create a system image in the left pane.. click that option...
    - Follow the on screen instructions in the wizard..
    - You will be prompted to provide administrator password or for confirmation ....
    Just enter the password there or just give confirmation ...


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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    simply follow my steps

    1. go to controll panel and click on system and security in that click on backup and restore

    2. then there is window...........in that click on create a system image..........on left side top options

    3. then there are 3-options then select whatever you want .......and then click next , and next ....then the process will start ...

    4. if you want to use that image .....again go to controll panel>>system security>>backup and restore>>recover system settings or computer >> advanced methods>> in that select first option .....

    and ALL THE BEST

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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    DEAR FRIEND.....


    1. click start menu and open control panel
    2. double click the system and security option
    3. after double click the backup and restore option


    4. click setup backup....and wait.....
    5. choose Drive and click NEXT


    6. select option either let windows choose or let me choose and click NEXT
    7. and click on save settings and RUN backup

    then the process will begins.....and wait untill the completion of process.....


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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    Hello Friend,

    >> Firstly go To Start Menu And Type "Backup And Restore" And Press Enter

    >> Than In Open Window, Click On The "Create System Image"

    >> After That Another Window Is Open And Now Select The "On One Or More DVDs"

    >> Than Click On The Next Button And Select The Drives ( Which Want For Backup)

    >> Than Next >> Start Backup

    Note : Also Want The DVDs For This Type Of Backup..........

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    Re: How to Backup the Windows System to a Secondary Hard Drive

    Dear friends..

    Back up means We have to maintain Copy of original data..

    If unfortunately deleted original data there is no effect on Back up and vice versa..

    We can do Back up or Volume shadow copy also..

    For Back up..

    Go to Start button..

    Type there back up and click on it..

    Then click on Set up back up..

    Then click set as back up Drives and Folders..

    After follow the instructions it shows..

    For restoring also Same process but select Restore..

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best..

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