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    How can I add a new registry in Windows?

    I have a PC running in Windows XP. I know how to open and edit registry values from the registry editor. I have done all that before. Now I would like to know if itís possible to add a new registry and give it values of my choice. If this is possible, how can I do so without harming my computer in the process?

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    Re: How can I add a new registry in Windows?

    Dear friend,

    To add a new registry in Windows proceed as follows:

    1. Go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> Run.

    2. Type "regedit" command in the Run command box.

    3. Registry editor window will open. This window list all of registry keys used by your operating system.

    4. To add new registry Key: a.Choose the location where you want to put the registry key from left explorer menu.
    b. Right click on the bank space on right side of this window and then choose- New> Key.
    c. A new folder will be created in left explorer folder list. You can name it as you want.
    d. Open that folder, there will be blank space on right side. Right click on that space and choose New> Key> Binary Value.
    e. You can also opt for String Value in Key context menu.
    f. New registry Key is created now. You can edit the value of registry by right clicking on it and then choosing "Modify".


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    Re: How can I add a new registry in Windows?

    Hello friend...

    To find or change any entry in the registry use Registry Editor. Once you have opened Registry Editor,you can proceed to add a registry key.


    Incorrectly editing the registry may severely damage your system.Before making to the registry, you should backup any value data on your computer


    If you make a mistake that results in your computer not starting properly, you can restore the registry.

    To add the registry key follow the steps given below:

    ->In registry editor, click the registry key under which you would like to add a new key.

    ->click NEW on the EDIT menu and then click key.

    ->Type a name for the new key and then press enter.

    Hope this may help you...

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    Re: How can I add a new registry in Windows?

    Hello dear Friend ...

    Kindly follow the below Steps

    In the Windows Registry Editor , move to the REGISTRY key that you want to Edit

    Then you need to Run the Section of windows we would move the below Registry key

    HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFT WARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    Once in the appropriate determine the type of value you want to Add

    That is it

    There you can easily add the NEW REGISTRY in windows


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