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    How can I change settings in WordPad which runs in Windows 7 OS?

    I would like to change the line distance settings in WordPad in my Computer which runs in Windows 7. Please help me the path to these settings.

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    Aryan Anand Array
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    Re: How can I change settings in WordPad which runs in Windows 7 OS?

    Dear Friend!!
    Do as written-
    The fix is actually quite simple (if you don't mind getting your fingers dirty). The settings might be baked into wordpad (silly thing to do), but the templates-system is still there.
    1. Create a template file called "New Rich Text Document.rtf " (or whatever you want the default filename to be) in C:\Windows\ShellNew\ , edit this file to your desired settings. Don't forget to save.
    2. Open regedit, browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rtf\ShellNew and add a new string (New -> String Value) calledFileName . Choose Modify and set Value data to "New Rich Text Document.rtf ". (or whatever your template is called)

    Or you can paste the following into a pure text-file named rtf.reg. Remember to create the template...
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    "FileName"="New Rich Text Document.rtf"

    ALSO you can get help from-


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    ghanathey swetha Array
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    Re: How can I change settings in WordPad which runs in Windows 7 OS?

    Follow the below steps:
    1. Pin wordpad to the taskbar.
    2. Right click on taskbar, click toolbars, new toolbar & enter: %userprofile%\AppData\RoaminÖ Explorer\Quick Launch
    3. The Quick Launch is now available for Windows 7!
    4. Format wordpad file & save it somewhere you will not delete it (ex: program files folder)
    5. Click on the properties of this file & change it so read only so you don't accidentally override it.
    6. Right click the wordpad on the taskbar & if you look up you will so the formatted wordpad file in recently closed.
    7. Click & Drag that file from the recently closed section into the Quick Launch Area.
    8. Now this Quick Launch link will function as if you were initiating wordpad program with default formatting the way you want it.

    Thank you.

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: How can I change settings in WordPad which runs in Windows 7 OS?

    hi dear friend..........to change the word pad settings .......follow the given procedure

    first go to the start menu and click the ALL PROGRAMS

    then click on ACCESSORIES option

    and after click the word pad option from the start menu

    And for the line spacing see the Given image


    then select the distance ......whatever you want

    and for the page setup go to this


    then enter the top, right , left and bottom distance and click the OK button

    ALL THE BEST......!!!!!!!

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