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    How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    The PC that I have is from office but unfortunately I donít remember the admin password. I have tried logging on through safe mode but cannot get past through the login window. I have a disc for re-installing XP. How can I re-install it without having to get past the login screen?

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    insert your disc

    restart your PC

    Once power came into CPU, keep on pressing F2 or Del buttons to enter into BIOS

    change the boot priority, that is CD/DVD should be in the first place and Hard Disk should be in the second place

    now press F10

    Press Y(yes)

    Now your computer will restart and will ask you to "Press any Key to boot from CD" once you see this message press any key on the keyboard

    Now will notice instructions on the screen which you need to follow

    then it will display your hard disk, you can delete entire hard disk if you don't want any data from it...

    Otherwise delete C Drive alone and Create a new Drive

    Press enter

    Windows started installing in your pc...

    you must have a KEY with you to complete the installation...

    when prompted enter the key..
    that's it.. your work is done

    all the best

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?


    You can crack the administrator password without re-installing Windows XP. To crack it: Download the tool named as OPHCRACK and burn
    the ISO image on a CD and boot the PC using the CD. Read the on-screen instructions to bypass and reset Windows password.
    You can also use KON BOOT CD. The procedure of using the CD is also same as for OPHCRACK.

    If you still want to reinstall windows XP, just configure the BIOS to boot from CD and after that boot with the Windows XP installation CD,
    follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Format the C: drive when asked. It can take around 30 minutes to complete depending upon your
    system. Install the drivers from the CD that comes with the PC.


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    ckanth Array
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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    Hi Friend,

    You need to change in boot settings
    Enter CD/DVD
    Press DELETE-->
    Set Primary Boot device is CD/DVD-->
    Now Restart-->
    Follow Screen Doing Actions-->
    Problem will Solve now.

    Thank you.,

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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    Hi, Dear friend

    To over come this issue..........follow these steps ....and get he solution without ... re-installing the windows ..........that is

    first of all download the Hiren's Boot CD from the internet and for the download visit this link http://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/

    which is usually in ISO image .....then burn it on the disk by using the DAEMON TOOL or Burn image tools

    after that insert the disk in to ROM restart the PC .... then it will brings up the message like Boot from CD or DVD ...... then press ENTER key

    in the next step choose Mini windows XP option from the menu.......after that double click on HBCD menu Icon from the desktop

    next choose the Programs option> password / keys > windows login > RESET ( win xp/vista/7) user password

    in the next window there is a link will be appeared in the path to sam file box....in that box shows the location as your HOME DRIVE

    simply change that location ( that is drive letter ) as D or any other drive

    then click on Re open button ..... then select your user name from the list

    now click on Change password button.....then change the password as you like .. click OK

    then click on SAVE CHANGES > EXIT........now restart the PC........and remove the disk ...

    after that login with the new password

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!

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    swathi123 Array
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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    You can use the same with out reinstalling the windows XP follow these steps

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+delete two times
    • then type Administrator in the Username field
    • And then leave the password field then click on Ok
    • Now you can reset the Admin password
    • Go to the start and then open the Run
    • Now type Control userpassword2 in the text field and then press on Ok
    • Then choose the user account and then select the option reset password
    • Then reset the password and confirm the new password
    • Then restart the computer now you can log in to it by using the new password.

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........................

    1.Firstly turn on you system.

    2.As soon as it will show the first screen start tapping on the option 'Delete' on your keyboard'.

    3.It will take you to the BIOS SETUP there you change the first boot device as the CD/DVD Rom and save the changes.

    4.Your system will restart then you insert the Windows OS CD in your system and then restart it again.

    5.Then you press any key while starting and it will take you to the installation wizard.

    6.There you install that OS in your system and it will work fine.

    Have a nice day..............................

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    Re: How can I re-install Windows XP using disc without getting past login screen?

    You'll be able to bust the manager username and password devoid of re-installing House windows XP. To compromise this: Acquire the software known as seeing that OPHCRACK as well as shed the ISO impression with a CD as well as shoe the PC utilizing the CD. Browse the on-screen instructions to be able to sidestep as well as reset House windows password.You can even employ KON BOOT CD. The procedure regarding utilizing the CD is also exact same for OPHCRACK.In case you will still choose to reinstall windows XP, just arrange the BIOS too from CD then shoe together with the House windows XP set up CD,continue with the on-screen instructions to setup it. Formatting the C: push whenever asked. Normally it takes all-around half-hour to finish based upon onessystem. Put in the car owners from the CD this has the PC.

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