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    How can I solve ‘Disk Boot Failure’ on Windows XP?

    My PC installed with Windows XP has broken down. Whenever I try to boot it, a message is displayed saying ‘Disk Boot Failure’. How can I solve this problem?

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    Ams Array
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    Re: How can I solve ‘Disk Boot Failure’ on Windows XP?

    hi, friend..

    >> this is your hard disk problem.

    >> if any partition of your hard drive is not working well at that time they will show you this error.

    >> and if your bootable CD is not done perfectly then also it can shows you this message.

    >> just check this two thing it will solve your problem surely .

    >> otherwise you need to change your hard disk.

    >> i hope you have clear your problem using this.

    >> Good luck

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    heemanshubhalla Array
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    Re: How can I solve ‘Disk Boot Failure’ on Windows XP?

    * If you have not shutdown the system properly last time Then this error comes mostly.

    * One solution could be Restart the PC and see if error is fixed.
    * If Error still comes You have to Reinstall the Operating System

    WHY THIS ERROR? ----2
    * This error also comes when location of computer is changed. It causes the lose connection of Sata or IDE wire connected to Hard Disk

    * Open the System Case OR cpu case and fix the proper wiring of Hard Disk and its Done

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    Re: How can I solve ‘Disk Boot Failure’ on Windows XP?

    Hi dear friend...........to solve this error .....

    First insert the XP Cd in to the ROM And restart the PC

    and press the DELETE key ... and choose the BOOT MENU and select the Boot option

    after that follow the instructions.......

    And after selecting the Language Layout options .... press the "R" letter to repair the computer that is see the below image
    4.jpg then follow the onscreen instructions.........

    after that your problem will be resovled

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: How can I solve ‘Disk Boot Failure’ on Windows XP?

    Dear friend,

    First make sure that the hard disk is attached properly to your system. You can check this by going into BIOS of your system. It is also displayed in post BIOS message appeared on the very start-up of the system. If the hard disk is not still working then you can check the hard disk with another PC whether it is working or not. If not, you should replace it. You can also use live operating system such as Hiren's boot CD for hard disk diagnostic purpose.
    If the disk is working properly, then there its a problem with Windows XP. You can repair it with a system rescue disk or you should install and new fresh copy of Windows XP.


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