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    How can I use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7?

    I have Windows 7 in my System. I want to transfer files from one Windows 7 System to another Windows 7 System. I have an idea that, Windows 7 has Windows Easy Transfer. Please, can anyone give the Steps of how to use it.

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    Re: How can I use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7?

    STEP 1: Click the “Start” Button.
    STEP 2: Type “Easy Transfer” in the Search Box.
    STEP 3: You can see many results matching the Search Keyword.
    STEP 4: Click “Windows Easy Transfer” from the Search Results shown.
    STEP 5: If asked for UAC, give the Password.
    STEP 6: If you are asked for Confirmation, confirm the Password by typing it twice.
    STEP 7: It may take much time, so keep tracking it from time to time to keep the connectivity among Systems undergoing Transfer.
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    Re: How can I use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7?

    whenever you want to change your PC and protect the files,emails,picture,settings towards new PC , then you require to transfer it.For that , window easy transfer is used to transfer the user account , video , music , files , your documents,pictures,email,setting etc.
    now you are using window 7 in your new PC.so you can use 32 bit version of window easy transfer.

    Use Window easy transfer for Transfering the files

    --> From your New PC , Go to "start" and then enter the name "window easy transfer" in the search box.
    --> click on "window easy transfer"
    --> In the new window of "window easy transfer" , you can transfer the User account , email , video , picture , music ,settings etc.
    --> now you are asked about transfering method.Click on "External harddisk or USB flash drive"
    --> Now you are asked about which computer is using now a time.select "This is my new computer"

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    Re: How can I use Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7?

    Hey it is very easy to do, Just follow the steps below:-

    Go to "Start" and type "Windows easy Transfer" and from the search result select "Windows easy Transfer".
    Click on "Next".
    Select the mode of transfer i.e. Wire, External Drive, Network.
    Then select "This is your new computer" Or "This is my old computer".
    It will Scan your computer and tell you what is the space required to transfer. You can customize and send only what you want to.

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