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    How can the Windows Vista SP1 be uninstalled?

    My PC on which I had installed Vista has some update problem. It shows that Vista SP1 is not properly installed. How can I uninstall it so that I can install it correctly later?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: How can the Windows Vista SP1 be uninstalled?

    Hi dear friend............to uninstall sp1 ... follow the below steps

    first of all insert the Vista DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    then press DELETE key from the keyboard ...and choose the boot menu

    and select the boot option and press F10 key to save the settings and after pc restarts automatically

    then press ENTER key to boot from DVD ...after that follow the instructions

    And at the partitions step.... choose the Drive ...that is on which drive the OS is installed that Drive only

    now click on DRIVE OPTIONS ( recommended )

    then choose format option .......after the Exit the setup

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

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    settubalaji Array
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    Re: How can the Windows Vista SP1 be uninstalled?

    yes it is possible to nu install and the steps is below
    1 : insert your os cd( mack sure the cd is on boot able . what ever you want you choice operating system )
    2: restart your computer
    3: they show to press any key to boot .... at this time you can press enter key know
    4: they go to the boot and load the os files after
    5: they show to option 1 is an repair 2 is an install new copy you press to 2end option
    6: after you can follow the coming steps fill date
    and select partisan and format previous os fills and your new os is ready

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: How can the Windows Vista SP1 be uninstalled?

    hi Friend,

    Uninstall of Windows Vista SP1 is not possible, You just need to Format current System by another using CD/DVD of Bootable CD/DVD.

    Here is Step-by-Step Solution to your problem:

    >> First Open Start menu

    >> Insert Bootable DC/DVC, Press power off button

    >> when PC Starts press Del or F8.

    >> In next Step it will ask for file or Folder that you have to cjeck.

    >> Format current system Drive.

    >> Reboot system

    >> Install new system and your Windows Vista will not longer availbale.

    I hope you have understand.

    >> All the Best

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    winlearner Array
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    Re: How can the Windows Vista SP1 be uninstalled?

    follow the steps

    click on Start
    type Appwiz.cpl in search box
    click Appwiz.cpl in the Programs list

    if you have entered admin password enter it when it ask
    Click on View installed updates
    then Click the service pack that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.

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