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    How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    I updated my PC recently and when I restarted my computer after the update, it asked for an activation code. I gave my product key but an error message saying the key is unauthorized has appeared. I donít have a CD to re-install it. How can I activate my Windows XP Pro?

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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    By upgrading if you have made some major changes in hardware you will have to retrace it and revalidate the existing XP installation by performing a clean install. If this version of Windows have been running for quite some time this would work better for you. Or if this was a preinstalled version of XP, the possibility of restoration of the Windows could only be done by a set of recovery disks or simply by borrowing a CD of Windows XP Pro and re-installing it. This will help create an updated profile for hardware and on requesting for activation, this would work. This would take some time to get activated.

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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    Dear friend,

    It seems that either you are using a fake key or someone might have stolen your key and he have used the key.
    If you are key had been stolen, then you must complain to the Microsoft Support Center, immediately and follow the procedure told by them to recover your key.
    It might be possible that your earlier version of Windows XP was registered with a fake key by your vendor, if you have an assembled PC.
    In this case you should contact your vendor for original key.


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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    Hello friend..

    If your product key doesn't work for your system...

    Then you may try these steps, who ever have the product key problem can solve their issue by these steps:

    ->Click on the start menu and click on run

    ->Type this text given below:


    ->Type VHC8F-MRJFF-TV4V2-J7DWJ-B9D76

    ->Then click update

    ->Then telephone the Microsoft help line by selecting your country, and dialing the free phone number for your country.

    ->While calling a computer will ask you to dial in your Installation ID number.

    ->Then write down the numerical line the computer gives you.

    ->Enter it in to the activation program and click ok.

    ->Then you can successfully install the windows XP with out a product key.

    Hope this may help you...

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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    Hi dear friend..........to activate the windows xp ....

    simply download the XP activater from the internet

    and the name of the tool is Genuine Activator for Windows XP which is also available in the torrent also

    then download it ......and install the activator

    after that Disable the Antivirus ... then run the tool

    now click on ACTIVATE button.....and wait for a while

    after that it will be activated........ then reboot the PC

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    Hello my dear friend ...

    Go to the Start menu ... click on Run option

    In that type regedit

    Click the Plus next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

    And the click the plus next to the Software --->> Microsoft --->> Windows NT --->> Current Version

    So after this click WPAEvents

    On the Right panel , find OOBETimer double click it

    Then delete the values by double clicking it

    Then type this value

    FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD

    Click OK ... and then go for Permissions

    Click System ...Deny Full Control ... OK

    Then Exit the Registry

    Then it will be activated


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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?

    If the validation code refuse to get accepted, there must be reasons behind that.

    Do you have original windows installed in your system ?

    Possibly not, and there's nothing much to do and you have to solve the pirated issue with some other means which can't be suggested.
    If you have a Valid Licences Version of Windows with you , then contact www.microsoft.com and talk to them ,
    write in the link, Contact Us, and tell them the problem and thay can issue a valid code.
    But that is possible only if you have purchased a genuine Windows from authorised outlet or over the internet.

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    Re: How can windows XP be activated without activation code?


    you can do it without any installation key..

    >> just you need windows loader.

    >> that will ask you to for active ..

    >> just open that loader and then choose reactive button.

    >> and then instantly choose active button .

    >> it will take 2 min and then restart your pc.

    >> after that is running normally .

    >> and your windows genius message will remove.

    >> i hope you have got me.

    >> all the best/

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