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    How to control RAM usage in Windows 7

    I have recently installed Windows 7. Is there any way to control or customize RAM usage so as to increase the speed of my system?

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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7

    Hi friend,

    There is a way by which you can increase the RAM usage for the system:-

    All you need to do is while using the system do close all the applications that are not at use so that you can increase the speed of the program that you are using.

    There is a software that you can install in your system which will help you in deleted all the temporary files as well as all the history of your internet.

    The software is nothing but CCleaner.

    By installing this you can Disable all the programs or the background applications that are running unnecessarily and making your RAM usage.

    This will help you in increasing your RAM speed.

    But there is no other way by which you can increase your RAM speed.

    If you want to increase your system speed then you need to add another RAM in the RAM slot so that your system speed can be increased.

    HOpe i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you...

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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7


    To control the RAM usage follow the given tips

    first of all remove all the unwanted applications from the pc

    and also remove the temperary files by the following

    windows key+r and type prefetch in the run box and press ENTER key

    then delete all the temp files from the window

    then again go to the run and type
    %temp% and press ENTER key

    then delete all temp data from the window

    and also perform the
    disk cleanup tool

    and delete all the unwanted and neccesary files

    and also perform the
    disk defragement

    and download and install the
    CC cleaner .....by using this delete all the browsing data every day

    go to start and open run and type
    recent in the run box and delete all the windows explorer history

    BY following all the above instructions .....we can control the USAGE of RAM

    ALL THE BEST......

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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7

    well you cant control the ram function because it is very necessary for the system but you can manage RAM usage by the following ways.
    1) Uninstalling unwanted Programs as they consume more ram running in background.

    2) you can manually tune it by pressing Alt+ctrl+Del button. after pressing this combination task manager will appear and in the processes tab right click on the unwanted program that you want to end and that is consuming more ram in background and select End Process.

    3) there is a software available on the internet called RAMBOOSTER download it and set the size of the ram you want to free it will free up the required ram.

    4) at last i will suggest you to upgrade RAM if you have 1GB or 2GB.

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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7

    Dear Friend,

    You can control your RAM usage by using many ways.

    The main way of reducing your RAM usage is to keep the running program as less as possible.

    when you are not opening less program at a time then you will get the less RAM usage.

    And another way of reducing usage is to install many software.

    disk cleaner

    CC cleaner

    disk dragmentor



    And delete all your temporary files.

    Thank You!!!!

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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7


    Its an Interesting question that you have asked.

    how to control RAM usage ?

    Well keep the system clean and clutter free form unused files , programs and apps. Remove them immidietly.

    Defragment the HDD regularly for faster operation.

    But these are nor RAM optimization, and in fact nothing can be done to increse RAM performance cause RAM is built with specific cloch speed and it cant surpass that.

    But there are a few programs found on the net that claims to be BOOSTER programs to increase performance of the RAM. Success not assured.

    Load as little TSR programs in the RAM to make it available for your use.


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    Re: How to control RAM usage in Windows 7

    Dear friend,

    Use the following tips to optimize your RAM usages:

    1. Disable Startup programs in Windows that automatically loads as window boots up.
    2. Disable unnecessary program components that will continue to run in background when the main program is not working such is Microsoft office components.
    Both of the above task can be done with the help of single software named as Tuneup utilities.

    You can use one of the following utilities that cleanup the RAM before memory intensive application is to be run:
    1. Advanced system care pro.
    2. Clean Ram.
    3. Memory Cleaner.


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