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    How to disable shadowing and bios cache in Vista computer?

    My computer running Windows Vista keeps constantly crashing multiple times a day. It is frequently saying that I need to disable memory options for BIOS such as caching and shadowing. I know how to access the BIOS settings but I am not sure where I can find these options in the settings screen. It says there is internal and external cache. What am I supposed to do to disable both BIOS options?

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    Re: How to disable shadowing and bios cache in Vista computer?

    Hello there !!!

    since your system is getting crashed every time a day it means that
    there are certain specific application in your system which is using the cpu memory
    more than the desired one and the cpu is getting more than the required load.

    and this might be due to the malicious files and the program that has increased
    the cpu usage.

    so you need to scan your system.
    also you are getting so unwanted error message which is quiet weird.
    so do not give your attention to those error message.

    and do not even make any setting in the bios,if it get corrupt you will loose your computer.
    so scan and delete the virus or format your whole hard disk.
    this will help you out.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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    Re: How to disable shadowing and bios cache in Vista computer?

    Hi friend............

    These controls are located in a part of the system called BIOS Settings, BIOS Menu, CMOS settings, CMOS setup or some similar variation this should be covered in your user manual

    Every system and even current BIOS version has a different way to present these data so generally can't give you a specific keystroke-by-keystroke set of instructions again, your user manual should detail this information

    If you don't have a current user-manual you should be able to go to the motherboard or system manufacturer's website to download a copy

    It will usually be in .pdf format which will (in order to be able to read it) require a free .pdf reading application like Adobe Reader

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

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