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    How to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows7 platform on Acer notebook?

    I have recently upgraded my Acer notebook running on Windows 7 platform to Windows 8 to improve the performance. But I find some of the features with Windows 7 more convenient while considering my usage preferences. How can I downgrade the Windows OS in my system?

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    Re: How to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows7 platform on Acer notebook?

    hi dear friend.........to install the windows 7 OS follow the below guide lines

    first insert the windows 7 DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    now press del key while it starting up.....for the boot menu

    now choose the boot menu and ......go to boot priority....and select the boot 1

    and press F10 key to save the settings.......then the PC will restarts automatically

    after that press ENTER key within 5 dots.....to enter boot from disk

    At the partitions step click the Driver options( advanced )

    then it will be displayed some options like the below
    windows-7-final-layout.jpg now select already installed windows 8 DRIVE and click the format option

    then again select the SAME drive and press ENTER key

    now follow the onscreen instructions ......and install the windows 7

    ALL THE BEST.....!!!!!!!!!!!

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