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    How to enable hand written search in Google on Windows 7 touchscreen device?

    My system runs on Windows 7 and I am using it for past 4 years. I have heard that hand written search is enabled in the Windows devices where you will be able to search contents by handwritten texts. How can I possible enable this on my Windows touchscreen device?

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    Re: How to enable hand written search in Google on Windows 7 touchscreen device?

    On activating this you can perform search just by writing a query with finger on your touchscreen. It is possible to enable this feature on your Windows touchscreen device just by following some simple directions. . First of all browse for google.com in your device. On the Google window, just scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the settings option. Then select the settings option and then a settings window will appear. You will see Handwrite option there just enable it by clicking on the radio button. Then scroll down the page and tap on save. After that, you will find a ‘g’ option on the lower right position of the Google home page. You can just tap on it and write the query you want to search. When you lift the finger off the screen it will place the query on the textbox of Google search and thus you can search for it.

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