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    How to fix 'aw snap' error while installing Google chrome on Windows XP?

    When installing google chrome on my windows xp then getting an error aw snap. What does it mean and why i am getting this? It occurs as my system has been infected with malware. Can anyone suggest me tips to resolve the issue as soon as possible!! Need help!

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    Re: How to fix 'aw snap' error while installing Google chrome on Windows XP?

    You must check your google chrome settings and then check your extensions. Individual extensions may create this kind of issue. Follow the procedure:
    Click on Tools option after navigate your mouse cursor to Google customize and control option then single click on that option. Now, click on Extensions and check the issue by disabling each Extension one by one.

    You can remove software conflict by performing clean boot process, follow the procedure:

    > Open run windows and type msconfig, hit enter
    > Click on General tab and then Normal Startup
    > Now, load all device drivers and services and click Ok
    > Restart your system now and check the issue, it should be resolved now.
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    Re: How to fix 'aw snap' error while installing Google chrome on Windows XP?

    whenever you try to open the webpage and it is crashed due to any problem and when you again try to reload ,then
    "aw snap" error occurs.

    This type error occurs due to some problem such as :
    --> your system is virus infected or marwale problems
    --> check your extension in google crome

    Fix the "aw snap" problem in google crome

    Remove the virus and malware

    --> Download and install the antivirus software and scan your computer and delete virus infected files from your computer
    By Antivirus software remove the virus and malware from your PC and try to fix the "aw snap" error.

    Remove unnecessary extension

    May be it is the problem due to particular extension.
    --> Go to Menu in google crome and select "tools"
    --> select "extension"
    --> now disable one by one extension and see that by disabling any extension , your system error "aw snap" eliminated or not.

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    Re: How to fix 'aw snap' error while installing Google chrome on Windows XP?

    Aw snap indicates that the browser has been crashed,
    try reload and if it again and it appears then follow this below steps:
    1)open your browser and go to settings and in extensions uninstall the extensions

    2)if also problem arises then scan your pc with antivirus,

    3)and then you need to change the existing user profile.........in chrome

    if any one of these doesnot work then you need to reinstall google chrome

    Thank You

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