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    How to fix Dial Up Networking Error: 800 on Windows XP?

    If i am trying to establish VPN connection on my system then getting an unwanted error code on my system. This is a networking code error and i am not able to establish VPN connection. How can i fix the error? Can anyone help me on this matter??

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    Re: How to fix Dial Up Networking Error: 800 on Windows XP?

    Hello friend...

    unable to find the vpn connection

    unfortunately this error code doesnt tell you any thing of why connection is failed..

    If you encountered this check the following:

    ->Are you using the correct vpn server name ?the server administrator provides this name.

    ->Is the internet/network connection to the server functioning properly?you should ping the server is not sure.

    ->Is your network firewall blocking vpn connections? Port 1723 must be opened and protocol 47 must be enabled in the firewall configuration settings.

    ->Does the server has too many clients already connected? The server administrator can check this , but this is not a common problem.

    Hope this may help you...

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