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    How to fix Error 80080005 in windows 7?

    I am a windows 7 user. I was consistently getting an Error 80080005 so i tried Microsoft fixit and antimalware program. Now i am getting an error "PROGRAM-ERROR-UPDATING (0, 0, No address)". Anyone else facing this issue?I really need your help.

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    Re: How to fix Error 80080005 in windows 7?

    You haven't provided enough information about your error which makes it quite difficult for us to answer your question. Please upload a copy of your system and Application logs from your even viewer. If you don't know the procedure to access the system log then click on Start>>Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Event Viewer. Now from the list on the left side,select "Windows Logs and System". Place the mouse cursor on System and choose "Action" from the menu.Finally Save all events on a file and give it a name.Perform similar steps for Application log and upload them in this forum.We will check those files and will solve your issue.
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