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    How to fix the Error code '80000FFFF' in Windows Vista Home Premium?

    Whenever i am downloading updates then getting this error code as mentioned above. Due to appearing of this error i can't update new files for my system. Can anyone suggest me the tips to resolve this issue. Any help would be appreciated!! Please help!!

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    Re: How to fix the Error code '80000FFFF' in Windows Vista Home Premium?

    In this situation, you should remove the registry keys but backup your files before attempting this procedure:

    > Click on start button then open Start Search box
    > Type regedit and hit Enter
    > Now, click on Regedit.exe in program list
    > Provide admin login info i.e password if needed and click on continue
    > Now, navigate to reg key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS
    > Right click on COMPONENTS and then click Export
    > Type 'COMPONENTS' under file Name box
    > Click on Desktop and then choose Save to store file in desktop
    > Under Details pane, delete following files by right clicking on it as mentioned below:
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    > Restart your windows vista PC. Your issue will be resolved now.
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