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    How to fix the Error code 80007002 from Windows 7?

    I am using windows 7 from last one year and it is working good but whenever i am trying to update my windows then getting an error code as mentioned above. Need some help on this matter soon, any help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: How to fix the Error code 80007002 from Windows 7?

    Hello !!

    You receive a "0x80070020 The process cannot access the file because it is
    being used by another process" error message when you try to download an
    update from Windows Update or from Microsoft Update


    The most common cause of this is an anti-virus or anti-spyware product with
    an on-access scanning feature.

    Either Spybot is installed with TeaTimer enabled or the installed antivirus
    software will not allow the files to be updated/installed.
    If the latter is the cause of the issue you'll need to completely disable
    the AV for now in order for the required updating files to be installed.

    Switching off anti-virus scanner while updating
    Disable all anti-virus, anti-spyware (including TeaTimer) product before
    attempting installing.

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    Re: How to fix the Error code 80007002 from Windows 7?


    This kind of problem come into play when you try to install windows update into your system. To resolve this error i suggest you these instruction.

    >>>This problem might be caused by antivirus program. I suggest you uninstall the antivirus and try to install
    update again If this problem caused by third parties antivirus than this will help you.

    >>>Sometime download updates has some corrupt file and make issue. If your problem caused by corrupt
    update than delete currently downloaded updates and re-download and try to install.

    >>>Open Windows Update Trouble Shooter this will find the problem and fix that automatically without any
    Now try to install update again this time you may get proper response.

    Try these i think this tutorial will help you.....

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    Re: How to fix the Error code 80007002 from Windows 7?

    Hello Friend,

    Just Follow Some Steps Are :

    >> Firstly Access The System As The Administrator

    >> Click On The Start And Open The Computer

    >> Than Open The OS Drive

    >> Than Click On The Windows Folder >> SoftwareDistribution Folder

    >> Than Open The DataStore Folder And Delete All The Files And Also From The Recycle Bin

    >> Than Press The Back Button And Come To SoftwareDistribution Folder And Open The Download Folder And Delete All The Files.

    >> And Restart The System And Again Try For Update.

    I Hope That Info Is Usefully

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    Re: How to fix the Error code 80007002 from Windows 7?


    To find a solution for your problem take these measures.

    Clean Boot the computer.
    Disable antivirus software.
    Install the latest chipset drivers from the manufacturer's website.

    Now you need to perform a "Repair installation" of the Operating System by following the steps:
    Insert the Windows 7 Installation disk into the DVD drive.
    The “Auto play” option should automatically show the “Install Now” screen.
    Click “Install Now” and select “Do not get latest updates for installation”.
    Don`t enter the product key if prompted.
    Click “Next” then click “No” when asked “Do you want to enter the product key now”.
    Select version of Windows, click “Next”.
    Select “Upgrade” (Do not select the Custom option).
    Wait for the process to complete.
    Once the computer is ready, Right Click on “Computer” , select “Properties”.
    Scroll down and click “Activate Windows Now” and enter the Product key.

    This will correct the error in Windows that may have happend and run Windows in its full potency.


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