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    How to get rid of windows.old from Windows 7?

    After installing Windows 7 into my PC, I found two files named windows.old and windows.old.000. They are taking up much space of my hard device. In what way can I remove them?

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    Re: How to get rid of windows.old from Windows 7?

    At first, go to the task bar and click the ‘Start’ button on it. When you can see the search box, type Disk Clean Up into and click the ‘Disk Cleanup’ option from the search results. Select the drive on which you have installed windows while prompting and click the ‘OK’ button. Click on the Clean up system files under Disk Clean Up tab in the Disk Clean Up dialog box appearing on the screen. Repeat the earlier step while prompted to opt a drive. Select the check boxes near previous Windows installation and other files you want to delete. A message box will appear on the screen after pressing the ‘OK’ button. Click the ‘Delete Files’ option visible on that box.

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    Re: How to get rid of windows.old from Windows 7?

    Hello dude,

    => Don't worry Friend You can delete these folders, (Most of the Files and Folders Delete, your Memory released).

    => You can avoid this by Proper Windows Installation:

    Windows Installation for you:

    1) After some step you can view your hard disk Partition.

    2) Choose your windows Partition drive.

    3) Choose Format.

    4) Then Usual Installation Process.

    => Make sure you format the drive, which is containing windows files ( My Windows drive C:\)

    Good Luck.,

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