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    How to go to BIOS Settings in Windows 8 Preview Version?

    Recently i have installed Windows 8 Preview version in my Desktop PC. I would like to change some of the preferences in BIOS Settings in my system. But while i tried to go into the BIOS setting by Pressing F12, itís not going into the BIOS Setting because i used to press F12 in my previous version of Windows to go to BIOS Settings. Can somebody help to go to the BIOS settings?

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    Re: How to go to BIOS Settings in Windows 8 Preview Version?


    I would like to tell you that you dont have to mention that you have to open your BIOS settings for windows 8 as BIOS settings are not related with the OS you have but it is made by the manufaturer of your motherboard ..

    So, the keys for the BIOS settings to open remain same for all windows OS which are :

    - del
    - F1, F2, F10, F12
    - ctrl + alt + esc
    - esc

    You have to just press these keys as long just after opening the pc untill the BIOS window will be seen ..


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    Re: How to go to BIOS Settings in Windows 8 Preview Version?


    Windows 8 boots so fast that there's too little time to access alternative boot options, which are traditionally accessed via the function keys, when a system powers up.

    Solution to access the boot option in Windows 8,

    Solution 1. Search from the Start screen using specific search terms, such as boot, startup, safe mode, firmware, BIOS, or several others.
    This will show you the PC setting, go to the general tab , then to the advanced startup, now click restart button. this will enable your boot option.

    Solution 2: Click on Restart button while holding the shift key

    Solution 3: Open command prompt, type shutdown.exe /r /o


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