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    How to install a downloaded game app from SD card of HTC Windows Phone X?

    I have downloaded a game from store right to the SD card of my HTC Windows Phone X. Now I need to install it on my device from the SD card. How can I install a downloaded item from the deviceís SD card?

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    Re: How to install a downloaded game app from SD card of HTC Windows Phone X?

    You can go to the start menu of your HTC Windows Phone X at first. Then you will have to hit on the ‘Store’ option on the screen. Next thing you should do is to tap on the ‘SD card’ option on the screen. There you will be shown all of the downloaded apps on the SD card. You can now choose the particular games app that has to be installed on the device. This will show you the sub options available with the selected app. You can hit on the option labelled ‘install’. This is how you can install a downloaded app stored on the SD card.
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