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    How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?

    I use a HTC Windows mobile. I want to use flash player in phone. Can someone tell me from where can i download & how I can install Flash Player in my mobile?

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    Re: How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?


    dear friend,

    If you have internet explorer in your mobile then sorry to say that, flash player doesn't work in internet explorer.

    Actually for missing Active-X , it doesn't work in internet explorer of windows phone.

    You need to install browsers which supports this feature-download any of these following-


    Opera Mini.


    UC browser.

    Now go to http://download.macromedia.com/pub/f...fp7_ppc_en.cab to download the adobe flash player for your mobile.

    Now double tap on the setup file to install it.

    Restart your phone & check whether you can view flash contents in your browser or not.

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    Re: How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?

    hi my dear friend......try on this sites to download the flash player

    1. www.zedge.nt

    2. moble9.com

    3. mobile heart.com4.www.windowsphone.com/marketplace

    5. www.intomobille.com

    6. www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-in/

    try this websites and download the flash payer and download it...........ALL THE BEST

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    Re: How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?

    Try to install adobe flash player for your windows phone that work with your browser here is the link to download the flash player for your phone
    Once you’ve installed Flash Player you will be able to use IE to view Flash content in web pages.
    Thank you

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    Re: How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?

    Hello friend...

    You can download a software or a setup from any of the mobile websites and in spite of this, there so many apps are available in App Store from where you can download the setup of flash player.
    You could download this from the link I am giving below. Please have a visit and download:-

    @ http://www.adobe.com/products/flashp...../player.html
    @ htcwiki.wetpaint.com/page/Flash+Player+for+Window+Mobile

    After download this setup, you just start to install the set up as it gives you instructions to install.
    When your setup completed first, then switch off your mobile and restart again.
    Play a particular flash file which is compatible for it.

    Thanks Dear

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    Re: How to install Flash Player in HTC Windows Phone?

    Dear User ........

    If you want to know that how to install flash player in Htc windows phone....SO i will tell you all the simple steps to do this...first you see and then try it yourself...
    Let's have a look......

    First of all go and just download the flash player from the internet and then install on your phone..So i will tell the websites name that you can get your flash player...
    1. mobile9.com 2. www.intomobille.com And 3. www.zedge.com..

    Hope you like that information...
    Thank You....

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