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    How to install Regional languages font in Windows Phone?

    Hi, ) have been Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Operating system. I want use my regional language, Tamil in my Mobile for messaging. Is there any possibility that i could install this language and use it for messaging?

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    Re: How to install Regional languages font in Windows Phone?


    First of all i would like to tell you that it is not possible at all to change your default phone's language to tamil if it is not available in your pre-installed languages option in phone...

    If you want to change the default language or like to see the default languages and set as you want just follow the below link ..


    In this video you will see how you can change and alter the default language of your phone from the available languages in your phone ..

    Also you can try out the site www.windowsphone.com/marketplace ...
    You can visit the site or you can say the market place for downloading apps and games for your windows phone ...
    From here you can search for any available app for this purpose and install it into your phone...


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