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    How to make Recycle Bin to work on taskbar in Windows 8?

    I want a clean desktop with my system upgraded to Windows 8. At the same time, I donít want to lose Recycle Bin for that. Will it function on taskbar available in the system?

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    Re: How to make Recycle Bin to work on taskbar in Windows 8?

    As a first step, right click on the taskbar located at the bottom part of the desktop and navigate into Toolbars > New toolbar from the context menu. Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch into the field visible on the window pops up on the screen afterwards and press the ‘Select Folder’ button. You can then view Quick Launch on the taskbar along with a dotted line on the left side. You need to right-click on that line and click on ‘Show Text’ option available in the pop-up menu. Select ‘View’ option from the same pop-up menu and click the ‘Large Icons’ option. After that, you can drag the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon to taskbar. If you want to remove other shortcuts, then right click on them and select the ‘Delete’ option from right-click menu.

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    Re: How to make Recycle Bin to work on taskbar in Windows 8?

    You have always seen Recycle bin on the desktop normally but we can place a fully functional recycle bin in the taskbar as well.
    Suppose you are working and opening recycle bin [COLOR=#009900 !important]from desktop
    is not too handy then this shortcut might reduce your efforts. Follow a few simple steps to create a fully functionalRecycle bin in the taskbar.[/COLOR]

    Steps to create a fully functional Recycle Binin Windows 8 Taskbar

    1. In the first step you have to right-click on the taskbar, go to Toolbar and click on New Toolbar.

    2. Now a New Toolbar window appears, in the textbox labelled Folder typeď%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\[COLOR=#009900 !important]Quick LaunchĒ and click on Select Folder.[/COLOR]

    3. Now, a Quick Launch toolbar appears in the lower right corner of the desktop.

    4. If your taskbar is already unlocked then few dotted lines will be visible just before theQuick Launch toolbar, right-click on it.

    5. Next, a context menu appears before you and you have to perform 2 tasks over here. Firstly, Show Tiles and Show Text options are by default enabled, disable them and then Go to View and select Large Icons.

    6. Drag the recycle bin icon from the desktop to the Quick Launch Toolbar.

    Now, you have a fully functional Recycle Bin in the taskbar of Windows 8.

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