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    How to make a windows computer fully secure from hacker?

    I am a windows user. I have heard that windows OS is most prone to hackers when compared with other OS like Linux/Unix. I have stored so many important data in my computer and i don't want anyone to temper my data. How can i fully secure my computer from a hacker?

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    Re: How to make a windows computer fully secure from hacker?

    Generally An operating system can be accessed by Physical access,time,individual skill or any Tool. It is almost impossible to completely protect your system from hackers but you can make their work much harder than ever by following below given steps:
    1. Try to set a password in the Bios of your computer so that it can ask for the password before booting the OS. Also set the supervisor password in your BIOS so that no one can enter in bios settings.
    2. Change the Boot order from Bios and make your hard disk as the first one so that hacker can't use any external device for booting purpose.
    3. Password is always important so try to set stronger password. It must have a mixture of Alphabets,numbers and special characters. If you are using windows xp then make sure that your inbuilt administrator account has some password because by default it doesn't contain password.
    4. Before leaving your computer,press "Windows key+L" to logoff your computer. If your computer is used by different persons then set appropriate permission for the same.
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    Re: How to make a windows computer fully secure from hacker?

    Dear Asker ..

    To Make Windows computer fully secure from hacker follow the steps recommended below :

    Set a Strong password i.e of MAX characters .( alphabets and numericals )

    and also set a password at the boot Bios

    press windows key +L
    to log off

    and set the appropriate permission to the same .

    and install a reputed antivirus including mail and web shield.

    Thank you..

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    Re: How to make a windows computer fully secure from hacker?

    Password in multiple layer is the primary protection for the Windows based computer.
    use BIOS password as first level password in starting the computer.
    use Windows password to access the desktop,
    can use file/folder level password in order to complicate hacking.

    Install good antivirus/anti spyware/malwarebyte/worm and trojan killers as some f them are so spooky that they copy keyboard key depression, and hackers can track those keys , vital to break password.

    Dont browse to unknown sites, dont espond or read spam, keep system clean and protected.

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