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    How one can Monitor what their children see online using windows 8?

    Windows 8 has also got popularity before its release due to its family safety feature. Some non-official sources has revealed that it has in built facility to monitor child’s activity on internet. So can you tell me how to do that?

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    Re: How one can Monitor what their children see online using windows 8?

    Yes, windows 8 comes with an in-built facility to monitor your child’s activities on internet.It doesn’t matter where your child is using his/her laptop/PC.Actually Internet is a network of networks which is quite helpful also.Children can learn new topics,interact with their friends and perform much more works as well but every coin has two faces so parents always lives in a doubt because children can misuse internet as well.There are so many materials on internet which can harm childrens like-pornographic content and fake sites and peoples.so it is a better idea to monitor the activities of child but it is not so easy.
    Microsoft has made this task quite easier by adding “User Account for child” in windows 8. You just need to create an User Account in your child’s laptop/pc and and check the option “Is this a Child’s Account? Turn on Family Safety to Get Reports of their PC use” and that’s it. There is no need to install any other additional software for that.Just enabling this option will provide you the facility to watch the activities of your child on internet.If you are a Parent who want more details about your child then you can do that as well by visiting familysafety.microsoft.com.
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    Re: How one can Monitor what their children see online using windows 8?


    Yes there is an extra feature which is added in windows 8.

    Through this feature you can monitor what children are looking and doing on the internet.

    This is done by creating an administrator account on windows 8.

    Not set that application ON for the other accounts.

    When the internet will be accessed from those accounts than it will all be recorded.

    A recorded weekly report will be sent to you.

    Also through that application you can set the usage time of the internet for children.

    After the usage time is over the user cannot access the internet.


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    Re: How one can Monitor what their children see online using windows 8?


    To enable this option follow the given instructions

    click start menu and go to control panel

    after click on network and internet option

    and choose the internet options

    after that tap on the content TAB

    and click on Enable option under the content advisor category

    enter password ....after that click ok

    now click on settings button and tap the ratings tab

    and choose the options from the box and adjust the slider ....as you like

    then click apply and after click OK


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