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    How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?

    I want to perform some function which should work after the computer awakens from the sleep or Idle mode. I have heard that, these type of functions can be performed using the Batch Files. Please guide me

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    Re: How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?

    Hello my friend

    To perform multiple tasks in one time you need batch files you can also create your own batch files.TO do so do the following
    1)open note pad.
    2)write the command you want to perform exactly in same way as you write in command line.sequence of command should be same.
    3)now save the file as save as option and save it as ".bat" extension.
    4)To execute this file right click on it and run as administrator.


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    Re: How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?


    1.Click on the “Start” button on your task bar.

    2.Select “All Programs.”

    3.Click the “Accessories” folder.

    4.Click on the “Notepad” icon. Use Notepad, not a higher-end word processor.

    5.Type the following line of batch code:<br /><br />xcopy source destination /e/i<br /><br />Xcopy is the command that tells the operating system to copy a file from one location to another.

    6. Source is the path where the original file will be found--in this case, c:\\Windows\\Java.

    7.Destination is the location where you want to send the source information--in this case, h:\\Javabackup.<br /><br />The /e switch copies all the subfolders even if they are empty.<br />The /I switch creates a folder to place the information into.<br /><br />So, using the examples above you would type ‘xcopy c:\\windows\\java h:\\javabackup /e/i’ to copy all of the data in your java folder to a new folder called javabackup located on your h:\\ drive.

    8.Save the file. Click the “File” menu. Select the “Save As…” option. Name the file name.bat, where name is whatever you want to name your batch file. The .bat extension tells Windows that are creating an executable batch file to run on command.

    9.Verify the batch file works by double clicking it and seeing if the file is copied correctly. If it does not work, check for typos. If it is not exactly correct then it will not work properly.


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    Re: How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?

    hi friend .....now im going to show how to create a batch file.....just follow me

    and im showing the example for shutdown

    1. open the note pad and there write

    shutdown -s -t 0

    and save it as some ...name.bat

    after ......... open that file then see what happen......

    NOTE: The commands should be written as without space .......and don't write it as " chkdsk,ver,cls........." write it as same way one by one only......

    BY using this batch files we can create whatever we want ..........which is automatically executed......but inside the matter only in commands only

    .............................. THANK YOU......................ALL THE BEST

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    Question Re: How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?

    ** HI **

    ** Steps to create batch file **

    *_* Open Notepad *_*

    *_* Click on
    File->Save As *_*

    *_* Save the
    file with the extension .bat *_*

    *_* Type
    @echo at the first line to avoid repetitive output *_*

    *_* Then type the commands and hit
    save *_*

    *_* Now
    Double-click on the file to run it *_*

    *_* you can also run this via
    command prompt *_*

    ** Thank you **

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    Re: How to perform an specified function using Batch File in windows 7?

    hello friend . . .

    Windows operating system support to batch programming.
    By using that batch-programming we can create a small application.

    This is process for creating a batch file.

    Step1: Open the notepad.exe from start menu.

    Step2: Type wanted commands on Notepad.
    ( if you have to lunch the particular application by using command prompt .
    Type all the commands on Notepad )

    Step3: Save as " Run.bat" .

    Step4: Double Click on the Run.bat.

    When ever we create a file with extension .bat then operating system treated as Batch files.

    Use of the Batch files.

    1. easily lunch the Command prompted related applications.
    2. easily lunch the network related applications.
    3. we can create a shortcuts for some application
    4. easily lunch the explorer related locations.
    5. mostly use in server related issues.
    6 most probably setting are setting with batch files because configuration are commands level operations.
    7. we can easily convert character user interface into graphical user interface.

    Now haply enjoy with batch programming.

    All the best
    Thanks . . .

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