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    How to perform speed dialling on LG GW550?

    I am not able to find the speed dial option on my newly bought LG GW550. Where is the option to enable speed dialling?

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    Re: How to perform speed dialling on LG GW550?

    Even though speed dialling is not supported on your phone, you can use the ‘Pin to Start’ feature on your phone for speed dialling a number. Using that feature, you can put the contact you prefer on your home screen for dialling speedily. For that, you should first tap the ‘People’ option and select a contact you want. After that, you should press the ‘Lock’ option for some time on your screen. You can then view the ‘Pin to start’ option from the given list. Tap that option and check that contact on your home screen. You should then go to the home screen and check whether the selected contact is present there.

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    Re: How to perform speed dialling on LG GW550?

    To perform speed dialing:-
    You can assign the numbers 2 *to 9 to individual contact names - simply hold down the contact's corresponding key for a second and the call will begin.
    Adding a contact to Speed dials
    To assign Speed dial to a contact:
    Press*Menu*in Standby mode to call up the main menu.
    1.Highlight*Contacts and press*OK, or just press*6*on the keypad
    *2. Highlight*Speed dials*and press*OK, or press*3*on the keypad.
    3. Your*Speed dials*list will appear. If this is the first time you've assigned a number, each number will have*next to it
    4.To assign a contact to a number, highlight that number and click*Assign, or simply click the corresponding number on the keypad
    5.Your contacts list will appear. Use the scroll bar to highlight the contact you want to add, and clickOK*to assign. To find a contact more quickly, start typing their name into the field at the top of the screen using the keypad
    6.The message 'Complete' will appear and the contact's name will now sit alongside its Speed dial number.

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