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    How to prevent PC running on Windows 8 from waking up due to any devices?

    When I drag the mouse, hit the keyboard or remove the USB drive from my PC running on Windows 8 during sleep mode, it will wake up immediately and boot up into the desktop. I often turn on my system accidentally due to this feature. Is there any option to disable this?

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    Re: How to prevent PC running on Windows 8 from waking up due to any devices?

    Bring up the ‘Charms bar’ by pressing the Windows key + C and click the ‘Search’ option inside it. Type Control Panel into the search field and hit the ‘Enter’ key. Locate the ‘Adjust your computer’s settings’ label from the ‘Control Panel’ window afterwards and hit the arrow button next to it. Select the ‘small icons’ option from the pop-up menu and click the ‘Device Manager’ option. Expand the ‘mouse’ option from the available list and right click on the mouse used with your PC. Choose ‘Properties’ from the menu appears on the screen and then press the ‘Power Management’ tab. After that, clear off the checkbox near ‘Allow this device to wake the computer’ label with a single click and press the ‘OK’ button. You can expand ‘Diskdrives’ and ‘Keyboard’ item under ‘Device Manager’ and repeat the same steps to prevent them from waking up the system.

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    Re: How to prevent PC running on Windows 8 from waking up due to any devices?

    Hello there !!!

    let me tell you that this is the default setting in the windows power option.
    and this is given only for the convenient of the user only.

    since if we want to make our system wake up from the sleep mode we need to just move the hardware sensible device attached to
    the system.

    and this is by default present in our system.
    but if it is annoying to you than you can disable this feature.

    but one thing i would like to put in your mind, that disabling the windows feature will
    make your system to behave abnormally.

    so, do follow the steps to disable the feature :-

    1. go to the control panel
    2. go to the power option.
    3. then go to advance option
    4. and then select power saver option.
    5. and then disable the the wake up mode from the sleep mode on hardware movement of the device.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.

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