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    How to recreate the summary page event in windows vista?

    I was trying to clear event log which appears under "Custom views" in event viewer. There is a folder named "Summary Page Events" below folder "Administrative Events". I was trying to clear that folder but by mistake, I deleted that folder. How can I recreate the same?

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    Re: How to recreate the summary page event in windows vista?

    Select "Event Viewer(Local)" on the left-most Pane. Now in middle pane, you will see a section named "Summary of Administrative Events". Just click on it and then right click on "Critical". After that select "View All Instance of This Event". Now, you will see that a new folder will be automatically created with name "Summary Page Events". If you will click on it, you would be able to see most critical events.
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    Re: How to recreate the summary page event in windows vista?

    To get started with event viewer, you need to open up the start menu and right click on Computer, then click manage

    You will then be presented with the Management Console that can perform many other tasks in addition to the event viewer. Some other tasks include setting up and troubleshooting devices in the device manager aswell as displaying information about shared directories and drives in the computer. the options are all displayed in a tree form to the left of the window.
    Doubleclick on the Event Viewer; the 4 option from the top, and you should be able to see the Overview and Summary section of the event viewer as well as some updated actions under the actions pane on the right:

    You can see that under the summary of administrative events that there are critical, error, warning, information and audit success logs. You can also see if there have been any events under those categories in the last hour, last 24 hours and more. If you would like to see more information on any particular type of log you can do so by doubleclicking the event type. If you right click on the event type you can also choose to view all instances of the event type. This can be a very long list for some event types, however you can make use of filters and custom views for better viewing of larger sized lists:

    Once you click on view all instances of an event, event viewer will show you a custom view of all of those events under a section called Custom Views. The Custom Views in the screenshot below contains two sub categories containing events, one is named Administrative Events and one is the Summar page events. The Summary Page events contains the events for the critical event type that we chose to view all instances of. If we chose to view all instancs of Audit Successes for example, we would see a list of all audit successes under the Summar page events and so on.
    The Administrative events shows Critical, Error and Warning events from all administrative logs. The administrative events was not created manually but is present by defaut by the system to show the administrator a cross view of all the logs featuring certain types of events. There is the ability in event viewer to allow you to view cross views of logs with your own specifications to make the task of locating certain events much easier.

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