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    How to register for Microsoft Account?

    Hi, i have been using Windows 7 Operating System for the past few years. I heard many of friends talking about Microsoft Account. I donít know it purpose . Can any body explain the main purpose of Microsoft Account? How can we register this account?

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    Re: How to register for Microsoft Account?

    The main purpose of the MicroSoft to review your account info. In this we have two options. These are*

    determined by whether you already have a Windows Store developer account connected to the Microsoft*

    account that you used to sign in.*
    1.link the account
    2.start over
    If we are signed in with a Microsoft account *that is already associated with another Microsoft Developer*

    Services account, we will see your account info from that account.
    If we wants to keep our existing developer account separate from our new Windows Store developer account, sign in to the Windows Dev Center - Windows Store apps with a different Microsoft account than what you use to sign in to the other developer account.

    To register with this account:-
    1...If we already have another Microsoft developer account, such as for the Windows Phone, then to *link our existing developer account to your Windows Store developer account, sign in to the Windows Dev Center - Windows Store apps with the same Microsoft account that you use to sign in to your existing developer account.
    2..If we don't have a developer account, when we open the Dashboard, we will be sign-up for a Windows Store developer account.

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    Re: How to register for Microsoft Account?

    hello friend . . .

    Registration of the Microsoft account is very easiest process.
    The Microsoft Account is nothing but either Hotmail Account or Live mail account.
    Live Mail account has been some profitability to tell to others. but not Hotmail.

    Remember the Process of the Create an Microsoft account.

    Step1: Open the Internet Explorer and connect to http://www.hotmail.com or http://www.live.com

    Step2: after the open the Site Click on Signup.

    Step3: A Signup form is coming . then Fill all the Particulars
    The form is like this.
    Microsoft signup form.jpg

    Step4 : after fill all those particulars .
    Click on I accept.

    Then Microsoft account is automatically created.

    All the best.
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    Re: How to register for Microsoft Account?

    To sign up in Microsoft account
    First open microsoft signup page
    to use your own email address enter it here
    provide rest of the information
    and check i agree

    Microsoft is a personal authentication service to use web and increased speed and security while you are purchasing in online
    you can use this ID for all microsoft accounts like Windows LiveID, xboxID,and so many
    Easy access to your social media.
    these are some benfits provided by microsoft account ID

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    Re: How to register for Microsoft Account?

    My dear friend,

    It is just a very simple process to register for Microsoft Account.
    You have to follow the following step for it:


    1.Open the Microsoft Signup Page
    2.Then give your own email address over there i.e.either of hotmail,gmail,ymail etc.
    3.Then after providing the email address,give the rest of the information.
    4.Then click on the checkbox to show that you are agree with the statements.

    Thank u!!

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