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    How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    These days, Autorun virus with program autorun.exe is freezing my mind. It automatically create itself.Yesterday,I formatted my usb drive but just after formatting, i noticed that autorun.exe was there. Although it is not creating problem for me but my friends are suggesting me to remove it as soon as possible. I have already deleted it so many times but as written earlier,it creates itself.Is there any way to remove it. Here it would important to inform you that My antivirus is also not able to detect this autorun.exe virus.

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    C.Selvam Array
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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    1.Go to control panel-->Hardware and Sound-->AutoPlay
    2.In that uncheck the "Use Autoplay for all media and devices"
    3.Then install the software FlashDisinfector.exe
    4.Run the software and clean the flash drive by using the software

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?


    To remove Autorun virus, from USB device mass storage you need to take these steps.

    From command prompt (CMD) , write the following:
    del /a:rhs [driveletter of FlashDrive]:autorun.inf
    Replace [driveletter of FlashDrive] with your drive.
    If the virus is present on D: drive the command should be,
    del /a:rhs D:autorun.inf
    Restart your problem will be sorted.


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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?


    Autorun not a virus file it always create by system itself into Pen drive or in other mass storage device. If you want to remove that just follow these steps....

    >>>>Open folder where you saw the autorun file.
    >>>>Usually autorun create in pen drive or other mass storage devices.
    >>>>Select autorun and right click on it.
    >>>>Now click on Delete option.
    >>>>Autorun will delete from your pen drive.
    >>>>But after some times autorun will create automatically in your pen drive.
    >>>>Don't worry about that autorun never be caused any harm for your system.

    Thank you good luck..............

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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    Dear user,

    We here are dealing with something called autorun.inf virus... Some say its a Trojan virus also.. The fact that it gets created in your pendrive though you format is that the autorun.inf virus is present in your system.. And your system itself keeps creating it again and again.. Now we know that there is no point in deleting the file from the usb..

    My Solution:
    1) Download or buy Kaspersky antivirus... You can even download a free trial of it at http://www.kaspersky.co.in/trials&sa...vEf4DZQ1Gt4tAQ

    2) update it and scan your system.

    3) Then if you like it then buy the anti virus...

    Hope this helped...thank you

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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    Dear friend,

    If your PC is infected with Autorun antivirus, then you must use a powerful antivirus like AVG, Norton to remove it.

    Just install AVG, and perform a complete scan of your PC.

    After the complete scan of your PC, the virus will be automatically removed.

    However, you can also use NORTON antivirus if you are not satisfied with AVG.

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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    Hi dear friend..........to remove the auto run virus

    first connect the USB ......

    then press windows key+r and type cmd in the run and press ENTER key

    then type cd\ in the command prompt

    then type usb drive letter for expmaple: if the usb drive letter H then type H: and press ENTER key

    then type attrib -h -r -s autorun.inf and press ENTER key

    after that the auto run virus will be removed


    simply open the note pad ....and dont type anything.........and save it as autorun.inf in the pendrive

    after that the autorun virus will be removed from the pendrive

    The actual logic behind this is to overwrite the autorun.inf file with an empty one ...... The empty autorun file cant execute automatically

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to remove Autorun virus from windows 7?

    Dear Friend,

    First go to the control Panel

    then go to the hardware and sound

    then click on autoplay

    in that uncheck the autoplaymedia and device

    then install the software FlashDisinfector.exe

    run the software and clean the flash drive by using the software

    THANK YOU!!!!!

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