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    How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?

    I have already uninstalled UBUNTU from my PC running on Windows Vista. Still, it is listed under booting sequence (MBR). Is there any way available to remove it from there?

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    Re: How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?

    Go to All Programs-> Accessories from start menu after clicking on ‘Start’ button. Find out ‘Command Prompt’ option afterwards and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ option. Hit the ‘Continue’ option or enter administrator password while prompted. Once the black command prompt window pop up on the screen, type BCDEDIT /EXPORT “%HOMEPATH%\DESKTOP\BCDBACKUP” into it and press the ‘Enter’ key which will restore BCD store into your desktop. Enter BCDEDIT into the window before pressing the ‘Enter’ key so that current entries will be listed on the screen. Locate the OS entry you need to remove from that list and type BCDEDIT /DELETE {Identifier} /F into the command prompt and hit the ‘Enter’ key. You need to replace {Identifier} with OS entry you have found out earlier. Restart the PC afterwards and check whether Ubuntu appear in boot sequence.

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    Re: How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?

    Follow the below steps to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence:
    > Click Start, click All Programs, and clickAccessories.> Right-click Command Prompt, and selectRun as Administrator.
    > Click Continue or provide Administrator credentials as prompted.
    > Type the bolded text and pressEnter after each one.

    >>This command backs up the BCD Store to your Desktop:


    >> This displays the current entries in the BCD Store. Please find the one pertaining to the OS you want to remove from the Boot menu:


    >> This command deletes the entry from the BCD Store. Replace{Identifier} with the entry you found in the previous step:

    BCDEDIT /DELETE {Identifier} /F

    > Now restart the computer and the boot entry should be successfully removed from the system.

    Thank you.

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    Re: How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?

    You can format your system using bootable dvd/usb device then the ubuntu will be removed automatically from your booting sequence.
    The list is created when we install the operating system without using bootable device. So its better to use bootable device for installing new operating system

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    Re: How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?


    to remove Ubuntu from boot sequence do as follows:

    Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt > Run as Administrator > Continue (enter administrator password)>

    in Command prompt , type BCDEDIT /EXPORT “%HOMEPATH%\DESKTOP\BCDBACKUP” > Enter ,which should restore BCD into the system.

    Enter BCDEDIT , press Enter to list current entries on the screen. Locate the OS entry to be removed from the list, type BCDEDIT /DELETE {Identifier} /F into the command prompt , Enter . Replace {Identifier} with OS entry found out .

    Restart and check whether "Ubuntu" appear in boot sequence.


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    Re: How to remove UBUNTU from booting sequence on Windows Vista?

    hello guest !!

    thanks for choosing EALP .

    so you just want to remove ubuntu from boot sequence during booting of your operating system???

    so do follow thes simple steps:-

    1.open run command (win+r)
    2.type >> msconfig
    3.you will get boot tab there. >> select it.
    4.now you will find your current os and ubuntu ubder boot option there.
    5.select ubuntu abd remove it.
    click ok>> apply.

    reboot your pc.
    now no boot option will be displayed.

    hope you are satisfied with these easy steps.

    Thanks for posting in EALP.

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