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    How to resolve "error Hresult 0x8000222" in windows 7?

    I am using windows 7 from last 1 year but haven't faced any such issue before. Now I am consistently getting an "error Hresult 0x8000222" on my computer. I have posted the same issue in many windows forums but still waiting for reply. I have seen some best solution in this forum so kindly help me as well.

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    Re: How to resolve "error Hresult 0x8000222" in windows 7?

    It seems that you don't have much information about the problem. In this situation, i will suggest you to perform windows update troubleshooter because this kind of problem mainly appears due to problem in windows update. To do the same, click on "Start" button and then clicking "Control Panel". In the search box which appears in the upper right corner, type "Troubleshooter" and then click on "Troubleshooting". After that click on "Fix problems with windows update" option which appears under "System and security" .
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