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    How to resolve the shutdown/restart problem with my Windows 8 PC?

    My PC running in Windows 8 started rebooting the moment login screen appears. After two-three reboots, the system freezes. The last time I used it, I performed a safe shutdown from the Start menu. There were no problems after that. The problem started when I booted my PC again. How can I fix this problem?

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    Re: How to resolve the shutdown/restart problem with my Windows 8 PC?

    Disabling Hybrid Shutdown feature might fix this problem. Go to Start screen and type Power. Select Settings from the right pane. Now click ‘Change what the power buttons do’ in the left pane under Settings. Now in the Window that appears, scroll down. Find the ‘Turn on fast startup checkbox’ and uncheck it. This disables Hybrid Shutdown. Now click ‘Save changes’ and restart the system. You may be able to do this from Safe mode if you can’t login.
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    Re: How to resolve the shutdown/restart problem with my Windows 8 PC?


    There are many Windows 8 users who are complaining about various restart and shutdown issues. Many times their Windows 8 computers restart themselves as soon as the login screen appears. Sometimes their computer systems hang while rebooting or shutting down the system.


    Most of the times these kind of issues are related with the new "Hybrid Shutdown" feature introduced in Windows 8. Hybrid shutdown feature of Windows 8 decreases the total startup time by hibernating the kernel session instead of closing it


    1. When start screen appears then in search Type "power"

    2. Now click on Settings on right side bar of search page


    3. click on "change what the power buttions do "

    4. It will open Power options window

    5. Scroll down put check unmark on "Turn on fast startup "


    IF "Turn on fast startup " IS NOT ENABLED
    1. then scroll up and uncheck the checkbox "Save changes" button.
    It's Done Restart your PC

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    Smile Re: How to resolve the shutdown/restart problem with my Windows 8 PC?

    Re: How to resolve the shutdown/restart problem with my Windows 8 PC?
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    See,this is happening because the system is not able to boot up properly.
    This happens when you forcefully install the Os in the system or due to improper installation of OS.
    The 1st thing that I will advise you is to check whether your system has the following hardware or not-

    Windows-8 system requirements 64-bit (x64)
    CPU with 1 GHz
    20 GByte Hard disk space
    2 GByte RAM
    DirectX-9 graphics Card

    Windows-8 system requirements 32-bit (x86/x32)
    CPU with 1 GHz
    16 GByte Hard disk space
    1 GByte RAM
    DirectX-9 graphics Card

    If no,then you need to 1st upgrade your system and then try again installing Windows 8.
    But if you have the above hardware,then there is some fault in the CD from where you installed the OS.
    I will suggest you to install the OS from a genuine CD.


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